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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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tabloid style
tactfully blunt Yorksite
take-out restaurant
taking moderation to extreme
talk show Focusing on Words
talk show moderator
tame cat
taped live #20 on Top 50
tax credit Steve Kangas
tax relief
tax return
tax-free Focusing on Words
teacher union Focusing on Words
team boss Best List
team solitaire Oxymoron of the Day
Tears of a Clown Song by Smokey & the Miracles
tears of joy
technical support Death Angels Nest
teenage logic Best List
television personality Shooter
temporary tax
temporary tax increase #16 on Top 50
tense calm
tentative conclusion Focusing on Words
tentative deadline Opus
terminal initiation
terribly enjoyable
terribly funny
terribly nice
terribly pleased #13 on Top 50
Texas chic Focusing on Words
Thank God I'm an atheist.
thick film
Third Twin CBS-TV movie, 11/9/97 Oxymoron of the Day
This page intentionally left blank
three originals Focusing on Words
thunderous silence
Thursday edition of Monday Night Football Ian
tidy mess Rosenberger
Tiger Woods Irons
tight slacks #10 on Top 50
timely and economical revisions
timeshare investment Best List
toll free
tom girl Oxymoron Central
tomorrow today Focusing on Words
tone color
top floor
Total Quality Management (TQM)
totally partial
touch of diahrea Canonical
tough love
traditionally radical Focusing on Words
traffic flow
tragic comedy
train schedule
trained cat
transparent mask Oxymoron of the Day
traumatic bonding Focusing on Words
tremendously small
trial seperation
triumph without victory Headline in U.S. News & World Report, 1992 Focusing on Words
tropical depression Canonical
trouble in paradise
troubled paradise
true faith Cobalt Shiva
true fallacy from a beginner's textbook on logic Oxymoron of the Day
true gossip
true illusion Women's makeup products from Maybelline
True Lies Movie title
true replica
true story
truly false Memoware
trust fund Shooter
truth in advertising
truth in lending Best List
truthful tabloids #9 on Son of 50
turbo diesel
turkey ham
turned up missing
typically unique Rosenberger
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ugly model Oxymoron Central
UN designated safe haven Focusing on Words
unacceptable solution
unbaised research Comedy Network
unbiased journalism
unbiased news report
unbiased opinion
unbiased poll
unbiased predisposition
unbiased reporting Opus
uncommitted voter Unbiased
uncommonly common Focusing on Words
uncommonly normal Best List
uncommonly typical New Paradigm
uncomplicated heart attack Frank Sinatra's doctor Oxymoron of the Day
unconditional love Shooter
uncontested divorce
uncrowned king
understanding banker
understanding editors Focusing on Words
Understanding UNIX book title
unfortunate privilege Michael John Nesbitt
unhappily married
uninvited guest
union craftsman Canonical
union workers
unique standard Rosenberger
Unitarian Church
United Nations
United States
university funding Focusing on Words
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Unix performance
Unix prompt
Unix security
unknown identity
unlimited boundaries Gerry Reid
unofficial record
unofficially approved Rosenberger
unsalted saltines
unspoken suggestion Focusing on Words
unsung hero
unusual routine
unwilling accomplice Rosenberger
unwitting accomplice Rosenberger
up to 50% and more Canonical
upper low Best List
upside down
urban planning
Utah Jazz NBA
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vacant dwelling
vacant lot
vacation Bible school
vacuum filled
vaguely aware
valid superstition Ian
vanilla fudge
vast treasury of pure junk Oxymoron of the Day
vegetable beef soup
vegetarian hamburger
vegetarian meatballs
vegetarian pizza Cave
vegetarian worchestershire sauce Cave
Ventura Freeway
very unique
victimless crime
vigorously ignoring Clinton about the '96 Republican Convention Focusing on Words
violent agreement
virgin acrylic
virgin birth
virgin mother Rosenberger
virgin wool Focusing on Words
virtual reality
virtually scratch resistant Best List
voice mail
Voluntary compliance
voluntary taxes
volunteer work Gerry Reid
voting power
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