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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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waiting patiently
Wall Street Rosenberger
war games
war hero
waste management Focusing on Words
We are not anticipating any emergencies.
We must believe in free will. We have no choice. Isaac B. Singer
weak support Michael John Nesbitt
wedded bliss
Welcome Tax Canonical
Welcome to New York
well-behaved children
well-known secret
well-preserved ruins
western civilization
wet snow
Where the Truth Lies TV movie on Lifetime channel
whisper chipper Cool Site
white chocolate #26 on Son of 50
white gold
white lie Ethan
white rose
white shadow Michael John Nesbitt
whole fractions
whole half
whole hemisphere Focusing on Words
whole part Focusing on Words
whole piece
Whopper Junior
wild boar Gerry Reid
wilderness management
Windows accelerator
Windows NT (NT stands for New Technology)
winning roulette
wireless cable
wireless tether (for cruise missiles) Cobalt Shiva
wise ass
wise man Ray Yep
withheld contribution
wolve-ravening lamb Juliet
woman's logic Best List
women's rights
Wonder Bread
wooden nickel Canonical
woods metal
Word Perfect #41 on Son of 50
wordless book
work party Rosenberger
workable heath plan Cave
working breakfast Focusing on Words
working committee Brandon
working education Yorksite
working hobby Focusing on Words
working holiday
working lunch
working vacation #4 on Top 50, #25 on Son of 50
worldly Americans Canonical
world's largest miniature golf course Cobalt Shiva
write-only file Opus
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yellow rose
yellow violet Unbiased
You can't get there from here Shooter
you love to hate Cobalt Shiva
You never know, you know? Fun_People
young Floridian
young Republican
You're on my list of people that will never be on any list of mine! Fun_People
yummy sushi
yummy yogurt Canonical
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zero defects
zero deficit
zero population growth Steve Kangas
zipped open
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