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sad clown
safe and sane fireworks Best List
safe format Millard Forum
safe investment Best List
safe medication
safe sex
safety hazard
safety razor New Paradigm
safety strap (on skis)
sales & service Canonical
same difference #43 on Top 50
same-sex marriage
sanitary landfill #40 on Top 50
sanitary sewer
satisfied Democrat
saving price
savings & loan
scalding coolness Ernest Hemmingway
scented deodorant
scheduled play
scheduled spontaneity from a Franklin Time Management Class
school food
school vacation
science fiction
scientific belief
scientific creationism
scientific literature Opus
Scottish Danish actual pastry sold at 7-11
scripted spontaneity Focusing on Words
sea farming Focusing on Words
sea port Shooter
search party Best List
second best
Secret Service Canonical
secretarial science Focusing on Words
secure toe-hold Cobalt Shiva
secure UNIX
security risk Unbiased
sedate sex
selected volunteers
self-help group
self-service Best List
semi truck
semi-precious Focusing on Words
semi-private Focusing on Words
semi-professional Focusing on Words
semi-retired Focusing on Words
Senate Ethics Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee Focusing on Words
sense of Congress
sensible indulgence Kroger brand coffee creamer Oxymoron of the Day
sensible shoes
sensitive guy The Oxymorons
sensitive male
Sergeant Major Rosenberger
serious clown Ethan
serious comedy
serious fun
serious musician
serious player
seriously funny The Oxymorons
service station #18 on Son of 50
severely killed
sex education #44 on Son of 50
shagadelic virgin Main Event
shallow to the core Cobalt Shiva
shared monopoly Focusing on Words
ship cargo by plane triple oxymoron Amazing
shooting blanks Nathan's World
short distance
short length Unbiased
short pants
short survey
short tall tales
shout in a whisper
sick health
sickly sweet Memoware
sight unseen
silent alarm
silent fury
silent scream #37 on Top 50
silent testimony Focusing on Words
simple computers Focusing on Words
simple harmonic motion
simple interest loan
simple procedure Focusing on Words
simple technology
simple truth
simply pompous Cobalt Shiva
simply superb
single family Unbiased
single pair
singles group Unbiased
singular relationship
sit up Ethan
situational ethics Unbiased
slave owner Canonical
sleeper hit #42 on Son of 50
slight hernia Focusing on Words
slight impasse Rosenberger
slight surprise Focusing on Words
slightly killed
slightly pregnant
slightly used
slow children sign with picture of running child
slow death
slow down the speedup AP writer about rule change that would speed up NFL games for network television Oxymoron of the Day
slow rush Rosenberger
slow speed
slow-motion explosion Focusing on Words
slows quickly Canonical
small crowd #34 on Top 50
small fortune
small miracle
smaller half Focusing on Words
smart blonde
smart bomb
smart drugs
smartass Nathan's World
smokeless cigarette
smooth closing Best List
snow-white tan David Bowie's `Ziggy Stardust' Focusing on Words
so far out it's in
soaring down Focusing on Words
social disease
social outcast
social science
social security #13 on Son of 50
socialist market economy
Socialist Worker
sodium-free saltines
soft metal
soft rock #32 on Top 50
soft sell Comedy Network
software documentation #29 on Top 50
software engineer
software reliability
solemn celebration
solid glass
solid gold-plated Rosenberger
solid ground
solid rumor
solitary group Unbiased
solo concert Ethan
somewhat addicted
somewhat destroyed Focusing on Words
somewhat functional Focusing on Words
somewhat legal Focusing on Words
sophisticated New Yorker Focusing on Words
sophomore Latin for "wise" and "fool" Focusing on Words
Sounds of Silence song by Simon & Garfunkel
Southern Baptist Gay Support Group Millard Forum
Southern justice
sovereignty association Canonical
Soviet Union #3 on Son of 50
space walk Best List
Spam Lite Shooter
spare rib
spare time Nathan's World
spectator sport Best List
speed limit
sperm whale Cobalt Shiva
spirit of safety So Cal Gas Co brochure
splendidly dull Focusing on Words
spontaneous choreography Rosenberger
spontaneous demonstrations will be organized Orwell's "1984"
spontaneous plan New Paradigm
sport suspenders Ian
sport utility vehicle
sport wagon Canonical
sports hero Fun_People
sports sedan
squared circle
stand down
standard elective Cobalt Shiva
standard options
start over
state worker
static discharge
statistical certainty Gerry Reid
statistical fact
staying changed
steadfast flexibility
stealth bomber
steam grilled Rosenberger
steel wool
sterilized fertilizer
stifled creativity
still life
straight angle
straight dope
straight hook
straight laced Rosenberger
strangely familiar
strategic retreat
strategic withdrawal Focusing on Words
Strawberry Blond
street smart
striped paint.
strong decaf
structured BASIC Opus
structured free play Cobalt Shiva
structured programming with goto statements Book title
student athlete
student organization Canonical
student teacher
studied indifference Gerry Reid
stunted growth Gerry Reid
styrofoam peanut Unbiased
subjective data Focusing on Words
submissive dominance Rosenberger
suburban culture
successful suicide
successful war Gerry Reid
sugarless candy Focusing on Words
suicide victim Ethan
summer school
sun screen
sun shade
sun shower Oxymoron Central
Sunday afternoon edition of Hockey Night Ian
supporting documentation
supreme court
sure bet
Surgeon General Rosenberger
surrogate mother
sushi cookbook Cobalt Shiva
sustainable development Canonical
sustainable growth New Paradigm
sweet agony Ray Yep
sweet and sour
sweet onions Canonical
sweet pickle Focusing on Words
sweet sorrow Shakespeare #26 on Top 50
Sweet Tarts
swiss steak
synthetic natural gas #23 on Top 50
systematic variance Focusing on Words
systems management Brandon
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