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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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qualified success
quality assurance
quality service
Quebec Intellectual
quick fix
quick reboot
quiet rage Opus
Quiet Riot
quiet storm Michael John Nesbitt
quite a few
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R & D
radical center the political stance of Bill Clinton & Tony Blair, according to Tony Blair Focusing on Words
radical chic radical conservative Rosenberger
Radio Pictures a.k.a. RKO Studios
random logic
random order
random thought patterns
randomly organized
rap artist
rap music #5 on Top 50
rap singer
rap song Shooter
rapid transit
rare steak
rarely done
rational integer Dr. Kaltofen
read-only memory
ready-to-eat frozen dinner Unbiased
Reagan Democrat
Reagan memoirs #8 on Son of 50
real fantasy
real imitation mayonnaise
real magic Focusing on Words
real margarine Opus
real nightmare Mary Van Sell
real numbers
real phony
real plastic snow
real polyester Focusing on Words
real potential
realistic schedule
really fake Shooter
realtime computing
reasonable attorney fees Best List
reasonable degree of certainty Generation Terrorists
reasonable demands
reasonable female
Rebel Without a Cause Movie title Focusing on Words
recent history
recently new
recessionary inflation Rosenberger
Recipient of New Hand Wants to Be a Footnote Dayton, Ohio, Daily News headline Oxymoron of the Day
reckless caution
record low high Cobalt Shiva
recorded live #22 on Son of 50
recorder music Canonical
re-create Focusing on Words
red and pink bluebonnets Texas Highways magazine Oxymoron of the Day
red Indians
red licorice Ethan
Reform party
refundable deposit Best List
regular special
rehabilitated criminal
related divisions
relative stranger Comedy Network
relative truth
relatively simple New Paradigm
religious education
religious fact
religious freedom Millard Forum
religious persecution Cool Site
religious right #39 on Son of 50
religious tolerance #2 on Top 50
remotely obvious Focusing on Words
renegade lawmakers from CNN during the battle in Moscow
representative democracy
Republican initiative
Republican party #34 on Son of 50
reputable salesman
required elective Focusing on Words
required option Rosenberger
resident alien #48 on Top 50
responsible committee
responsible gambling Dr. Dean
responsible teenager
restless sleep
restrained aggression Rosenberger
restrained grandparent
Resurrection Funeral Home Actual business name, Clinton Township Michigan Shooter
reverse engineering
revision 0 Cobalt Shiva
rich country, poor people reference to Japan Focusing on Words
riot control Rosenberger
rising decline Rosenberger
rising deficits
risk of certain death
river land Best List
river walk Shooter
Road Works Ahead Canonical
roaring silence Best List
rock garden
rock music
rock opera
rogue bureaucrats LA Daily News headline about school organization crisis
rogue cop
rolling stop Rosenberger
rough finish
rounded corners Cool Site
routine change Gerry Reid
routine emergency Rosenberger
routine surgery Best List
royal "We" Rosenberger
Rubber Biscuit Blues Brothers
rubber bones
rubber cement Unbiased
rubber chicken
rude welcome Michael John Nesbitt
rules of war
rush hour
Russian economy
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