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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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obedient child Rosenberger
objective opinion
objective parent
objective rating Focusing on Words
obscene art
obvious secret
obviously hidden
obviously misunderstood Rosenberger
oddly appropriate
oddly familiar Gerry Reid
oddly normal Comedy Network
office park Cardigan
office suite Best List
old boy
Old New York
old news #27 on Son of 50
omnidirectional Cobalt Shiva
on-line newspaper
on-time airplane
on-time musical production
on-time train
one size fits all
one-man army
one-man band Richard Lederer
one-man crew
online affair Shooter
online help Yorksite
only choice
open circuit
open government Canonical
open lock Nathan's World
open loop
open sandwich Gerry Reid
open secret
open system Opus
operating system
Operation Rescue
operational leadership New Paradigm
optional regulations Rosenberger
oral contraception Rosenberger
orbit underground Oxymoron Central
orderly confusion Focusing on Words
organized anarchy
organized chaos
organized committee Focusing on Words
organized confusion Best List
organized mess
original copy #23 on Son of 50
original remake Sam Russell
original replica
original reprint
out at home
outside income Rosenberger
Outside Inn motel in Sierra Vista, AZ. Cobalt Shiva
Overeaters Anonymous Yorksite
overt deception Memoware
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Pacific Ocean
paid volunteer
painless dentistry
painless torture
paperless office
paraphrased quotation
parents without partners Focusing on Words
partial cease-fire
partial conclusion
partial consensus
partial monopoly
partial nudity Sam Russell
partial silence
partial success
partially blind Sam Russell
partially completed
partially finished Rosenberger
partially true Unbiased
partly pregnant
pass rusher Best List
passive activity Nathan's World
passive aggression #21 on Top 50
passive confrontation Focusing on Words
passive resistance Cave
passive restraint
past presents Canonical
patriotic militia Focusing on Words
peace benefits Focusing on Words
peace force #18 on Top 50
peace offensive
peace officer
peacekeeper missile
peacekeeping force
pedestrian traffic
People’s Democratic Republic
perfect fool
perfect idiot
perfect man Generation Terrorists
perfectly awful
permanent change Gerry Reid
permanent guest host triple oxymoron - Jay Leno's old job title Brandon
permanent temporary
personal ad Canonical
personal business Rosenberger
personal computer
personalized form letter Focusing on Words
pet fish Ethan
pet rock
petty officer Shooter
philosophical argument Rosenberger
philosophy science
photo journalism Rosenberger
pigeon's milk
plain chocolate
Planned Parenthood Shooter
planned serendipity
planned spontaneity biographer of Ansel Adams
planning retreat Gerry Reid
plastic flowers
plastic glass
plastic glasses #14 on Top 50
plastic lemon
plastic silverware #20 on Son of 50
plastic straw
platonic affair
plausable denial
player coach
player piano
pleated Jeans Oxymoron Central
pocket calculator
police intelligence
police protection
Polish navy
polite cabbie
political courage New Paradigm
political ethics
political integrity
political leadership
political promise
political reality
political science #11 on Top 50
political solutions Focusing on Words
political will
politically correct
politically incorrect
politically sensitive LeighWorld
poor finances
poor health Shooter
poor Republican
pop art
pop culture
popular culture
popular mechanics Best List
popular science
positive medical test
positive resistance Focusing on Words
positively negative Focusing on Words
postal service #32 on Son of 50
postal worker
post-modern #38 on Son of 50
pot luck
powdered water Focusing on Words
Power Macintosh
powered gliders Aviation Week Cobalt Shiva
practical experience
practical joke
practical logic
Practical Nurse Cave
practically useless
practicing atheist Rosenberger
precise estimate Cobalt Shiva
precision bombing
precision guesswork Cobalt Shiva
preemptive reaction Best List
preliminary conclusion Focusing on Words
premeditated spontaneity Best List
preposterous Richard Lederer
presently absent Nathan's World
preservational development Unbiased
presidential character Shooter
presidential promises
presitigious non-accedited universities
press enter to exit Shooter
press release
pretty bad Focusing on Words
pretty ugly #8 on Top 50
primitive culture Unbiased
private citizen
private e-mail
procedural variations Rosenberger
processed cheese food LeighWorld
pro-contra Focusing on Words
procrastinate now!
production meeting Best List
productivity committee
profanity sucks! Death Angels Nest
professional courtesy
professional jealousy Best List
professional wrestling #4 on Son of 50
profoundly shallow Generation Terrorists
progressing backward Focusing on Words
Progressive Conservative
progressive decay Rosenberger
pronounced silence
proposed standard
proprietary standard
protective custody
proud humility Edmund Spenser
proved inconclusive New Paradigm
psychiatric care
public affair Favorite
public awareness
public school education
public servant
public service Focusing on Words
public transportation Richard Rew
pure crap
pure fabrication Opus
pure garbage Unbiased
pure mixture Michael John Nesbitt
pure speculation Focusing on Words
pushes for pullback Headline, Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, 2/1/98 Oxymoron of the Day
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