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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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macro-microorganism Focusing on Words
magic realism Cobalt Shiva
magnificent desolation Neil Armstrong on the moon
major general Rosenberger
major minor
major minority
male compassion
male intellect
male ladybug
mall food Oxymoron Central
man child Focusing on Words
managed competition
managed healthcare Canonical
management accomplishment Favorite
management action
management decision
management potential
management science
management style
management support
management systems Canonical
mandatory extra credit
mandatory option
mandatory volunteer
marijuana initiative
marital aids
marital bliss
marketing person
marketing strategy
marriage councellor #45 on Son of 50
married life
martial arts
martial law
Martian earthquake Oxymoron of the Day
mass customization
master copy Michael John Nesbitt
maternity fashion Best List
math teacher
mature adolescent
mature student
Maxi Thins
May I ask a question ?
McDonalds dinner
meaningful nonsense Focusing on Words
meaningful overnight relationship. Focusing on Words
meatless hamburger
meatless sausage Michael John Nesbitt
Medicaid payment
medical care Oxymoron Central
medical ethics
medical marijuana
medical science Favorite
Medicare benefits Shooter
medium large
medium well Focusing on Words
melancholy merriment Lord Byron Richard Lederer
melted ice Ethan
mental health
mental masturbation Oxymoron Central
mercy killing
merry widow
metal woods
meteoric rise Shooter
Mexican cuisine
micro-mainframe Focusing on Words
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Works #1 on Top 50
Middle East peace process
Mighty Mouse cartoon character
mighty weak Canonical
mild abrasive
mild cigar Focusing on Words
mild hot sauce Mary Van Sell
mild interest
mild jalapeno
mild mannered reporter
mildly psychotic Focusing on Words
militant pacifist Focusing on Words
military accountability Focusing on Words
military budget
military intelligence #30 on Top 50
military justice
military music New Paradigm
military peace
military system Focusing on Words
mind expanding drugs Best List
mini marathon Unbiased
mini-jumbo CD
minor catastrophe idbits
minor contradiction Shooter
minor crisis
minor disaster
minor emergency Sam Russell
minor importence Rosenberger
minor milestone Comedy Network
minor miracle
minor surgery
missing in action New Paradigm
mistakenly targeted
mixed blessing Rosenberger
mixed race
Mobil station
mobile home
model prisoner Unbiased
moderately uninhibited David Brinkley Cobalt Shiva
modern art
modern history
modern maturity Focusing on Words
modestly arrogant Focusing on Words
modified final judgement
monotheism is a gift from the gods Focusing on Words
Montana Freemen Focusing on Words
moral duty
Moral Majority #15 on Son of 50
morbid humor Focusing on Words
more equal Canonical
more unique Focusing on Words
mormon theology
most eminent mediocrity How Lenin described Stalin Oxymoron of the Day
most unheard-of thing I've ever heard of Will Rogers?
most unique
motorcycle safety Focusing on Words
mournful optimist
moving target
Mr. Turkey (brand) chicken breast Oxymoron of the Day
mud bath Best List
Music Television Rosenberger
musical comedy Best List
mute sound
mutual differences
mutual masturbation
mutual suspicion Rosenberger
mutually exclusive
My Favorite Mistake song by Cheryl Crow
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nameless celebrity Focusing on Words
natural additives
natural artifact Focusing on Words
natural blonde
natural body-building
natural childbirth
natural law
natural makeup
natural selection George Carlin "You're All Diseased", HBO
natural synthetic
naturally flavored
naval aviation
near distances Nathan's World
near miss #35 on Son of 50
nearby apartment
nearly done Rosenberger
nearly infinite
nearly perfect Rosenberger
neat mess Focusing on Words
neat office Focusing on Words
necessary evil
necessary luxury Cobalt Shiva
necessary meeting
needless requirement Rosenberger
negative feedback
negative growth
negative income
negative momentum Focusing on Words
negative reccommendation
neo retro Rosenberger
Neolithic (New Stone Age) Focusing on Words
net security #48 on Son of 50
network centered
network quality
neutral charge Ray Yep
neutral charge
never again
never generalize
never say never
new age
new and improved
new antiques
new classic #27 on Top 50
new cliche Focusing on Words
new Democrat
New Jersey, the Garden State Best List
New Mexico
new Olds Unbiased
new tradition
New Traditional Look
New York culture #28 on Top 50
Nicaraguan Freedom Fighter Cool Site
nice cat
nice guy
night light
Night of the Living Dead Movie title
Ninja Turtles Comic/cartoon character Best List
no-fault divorce
no-good do-godder!
noble savage
non-alcoholic beer
non-alcoholic wine
non-binding contract Unbiased
non-commercial sponsor Unbiased
non-dairy creamer
non-denominational church
non-fat cream Focusing on Words
non-fat ice cream Focusing on Words
non-partisan issue Opus
non-profit corporation
non-refundable deposit
non-stick glue
non-stop flight
non-working mother
normal deviation
normal experience New Paradigm
nostalgia ain't what it used to be
notably absent
nothing happens Oxymoron Central
now, then #24 on Top 50
Noyes Richard Lederer
nuclear defense
nuclear safety
nuclear strategy
numb feeling
nursing home
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