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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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Kentucky Fried Chicken
Keyboard Failure: Strike F1 to continue Cool Site
kickstand Richard Lederer
kitchen police Steve Kangas
knee-high panty hose Millard Forum
known secret Opus
known stranger Oxymoron Central
known-covert operation Focusing on Words
Kosher Christmas cookies
Kosher ham
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lace-up loafers
ladies' night
lady wrestler
lame effort Best List
land development Focusing on Words
large animals may be downsized Dayton Daily News headline, Nov. 3, 1997 Oxymoron of the Day
large minivan Nathan's World
large minority
larger half
Last Don II CBS TV movie, 6/3/98 Oxymoron of the Day
lasting aid Focusing on Words
law brief Focusing on Words
La-Z-Boy Office Furniture Mary Van Sell
lazy suzan
lead balloon
lean pork
learned instinct Opus
least favorite
Lebanese government
left-handed screwdrivers.
left-wing economist Opus
legal appeal
legal brief
legal ethics #33 on Son of 50
legal reasoning Gerry Reid
legally drunk #38 on Top 50
legislative intent Rosenberger
legitimate conspiracy Focusing on Words
leisure industry
leisure suit Best List
lend-lease Best List
less filling
less is more
lesser evil Focusing on Words
lethal assistance
liberal fundamentalists Focusing on Words
Liberal Party
liberal Republican
Liberal, Kansas
Libertarian organization Canonical
Libertarian Party Steve Kangas
lieutenant colonel Rosenberger
lieutenant general Rosenberger
life after death Dr. Dean
life insurance
light armor Focusing on Words
light dark beer Cave
light opera
light rock
light shadow Rosenberger
light-skinned black
likewise unique Canonical
limited empowerment New Paradigm
limited immunity
limited incursion Best List
limited lifetime guarantee
limited nuclear war Cardigan
limited success
limousine bus Best List
linear curve
liquid air
liquid crystal
liquid gas
liquid metal
liquid paper Shooter
liquid smoke Focusing on Words
little big
Little Big Horn
Little Big League Movie title Oxymoron Central
little bigger
little fat Canonical
little giant nickname of Lincoln-debator Stephen Douglas
little monster
little more
little pain never hurt anyone.
little pregnant Focusing on Words
literal interpretation
live on tape
live recording
living corpse BBC about Deng on his 91st birthday Cobalt Shiva
living dead #35 on Top 50
living death John Milton
living doll Contest
living end
living fossil Focusing on Words
living in Buffalo Canonical
local long distance Best List
local network
loners' club Cardigan
Long Island Expressway
long nap Contest
long recess Focusing on Words
long shorts
long sleeved t-shirt
long-lasting temporary relief Oxymoron Central
loose fit Focusing on Words
loose tights #24 on Son of 50
loosely packed
Los Angeles Winter Ian
loss leader Gerry Reid
loss prevention specialist Focusing on Words
lost cause
loud librarian
loud whisper
Love Hurts Song title Gerry Reid
love-hate relationship
love-sickness Contest
low priority New Paradigm
low speed chase TV coverage of the OJ Simpson saga Cobalt Shiva
lower inflation Focusing on Words
low-fat ice cream Focusing on Words
loyal opposition
lucky stiff Gerry Reid
Luddite website Millard Forum
lung fish Rosenberger
luxury apartment Best List
luxury bus
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