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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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Haitian former President-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier Ethan
half baked
half complete Canonical
half dead
half decent
half empty
half full #12 on Son of 50
Half Hour Comedy Hour ABC-TV show in '80s Oxymoron of the Day
half naked #29 on Son of 50
half true Focusing on Words
hand printed
hands-on consultant
hang glide Gerry Reid
happily married
happy birthday Generation Terrorists
happy Monday
hard curve Ethan
Hard Day's Night movie/song by the Beatles
hard disk
hard liquor Ethan
hard pillow
hard roll Ethan
hard softball
hard water
harmless abuse Focusing on Words
harmless pollution Focusing on Words
hassle-free insurance Yorksite
hasten slowly Focusing on Words
hateful good Geoffrey Chaucer Richard Lederer
hazardous waste disposal
head-butt Best List
headend Cobalt Shiva
health industry Rosenberger
healthy chocolate
healthy competition Cardigan
healthy cough
heat of the Cold War Cobalt Shiva
heavenly body Gerry Reid
heavenly wrath Rosenberger
heavy gas Ethan
heavy snow Contest
heights of depravity
helicopter flight
Hell's Angels
heroic failure Shooter
high in the low Oxymoron Central
higher education
highly depressed
highly undereducated Oxymoron of the Day
highly visible covert operation Focusing on Words
high-speed computer Ethan
hindsight Gerry Reid
history of the future Focusing on Words
holistic healing Ethan
Hollywood marriage Ray Yep
holy hell
holy land
Holy Roman Empire
holy sh*t
holy war #7 on Son of 50
home office
homeless households BBC News report 9/25/96 Cobalt Shiva
homeless shelter
homeopathic medicine Ethan
homo sapiens
honest crook
honest lawyer
honest politician
honest thief After Donald Trump's stretch limousine was stolen and found undamaged a few blocks away; he said, "Nothing was stolen. I had an honest thief." 3/2/92 Focusing on Words
Honorable Governor from Louisiana Millard Forum
honourable member term used in English-style parliaments Cool Site
honourable villain Juliet
hopeless romantic
hopelessly optimistic
horribly decent Focusing on Words
hospital food
hot chile
hot Chili
hot ice
hot water heater
hotbed of apathy Cobalt Shiva
House Ethics Committee
Howard Stern's Private Parts Book/Movie
huddled alone reference to Clinton, 12/20/98 Oxymoron of the Day
huge fraction Oxymoron Central
huge market niche
human compassion
human evolution
humane robotics Focusing on Words
humanitarian catastrophe NATO spokesman Oxymoron of the Day
humanitarian invasion
humble politician Canonical
Humble, Texas Town
hung jury Shooter
Hurts So Good Song by John Cougar/Mellencamp
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I don't want to belong to any club that will have me as a member. Groucho Marx
I have what I'm looking for Canonical
I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? Benjamin Disraeli
IBM compatible
ice water Ethan
Icy Hot
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
identical alternatives
idiot savant
idle gossip
If he were alive today, he'd turn over in his grave. Samuel Goldwyn
If you fall and break your legs, don't come running to me. Samuel Goldwyn
If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? Album by Mental as Anything
ill health
I'm not going to say, "I told you so."
immense void Rosenberger
implant removal
important game
important trivia
inactive volcano Rosenberger
Include me out. Samuel Goldwyn
incomplete cure Focusing on Words
increased shrinkage CNN weathercaster, Blizzard of 1996 Cobalt Shiva
increasing declines
increasingly few Opus
increasingly little Focusing on Words
increasingly lower Michael John Nesbitt
incredibly real Focusing on Words
incredibly true Fun_People
indecent exposure
in-depth overview Shooter
indirect communication Focusing on Words
individual solidarity Shooter
indoor bleachers Richard Lederer
industrial park
industry standard
inexpensive car
inexpensive medical care
infinite moment
inflatable dart board
initial conclusion
initial results
innocent bureaucratic blunder Clinton describing White House FBI files scandal Focusing on Words
innovative uniforms Canonical
inquiring minds Over 500
inside out
insincere thanks Focusing on Words
instant classic
instant folk hero Focusing on Words
institutional food
institutional revolution Unbiased
Institutional Revolutionary Party
intellectual liberal
intellectual property Shooter
intelligent fight Focusing on Words
intelligent lifeforms
intense apathy
intense disinterest Focusing on Words
internal exile Focusing on Words
Internal Revenue Service
internet privacy
internet security
Internet Service Provider New Paradigm
Interstate Highway in Hawaii
intimate strangers
investigative journalism Rosenberger
invisible ink
Iranian moderate
irate patient
Ironwood Town in Michigan
irrational logic
irregardless Over 500
Italian government
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job fulfillment
job opportunity
Job security #2 on Son of 50
John Birch Society Steve Kangas
Jolly Tax Payer pub in Vancouver Oxymoron Central
journalistic accuracy
journalistic integrity
jug wine LeighWorld
jumbo shrimp #31 on Son of 50
jump start #47 on Son of 50
junior senator Focusing on Words
junk bonds Focusing on Words
junk food
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you! Cool Site
justifiable homicide Richard Rew
justifiably paranoid
justified war Nathan's World
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