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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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factual Inaccuracies Unbiased
faculty cooperation Focusing on Words
fail safe
failing health Unbiased
fair lending Best List
fair reporting
fair trial
fairly explicit
fairly obvious
fairly tan
faithful husband Best List
fallout shelter
false evidence Rosenberger
false fact
false witness
falsely true Alfred Lord Tennyson Richard Lederer
family entertainment
family vacation
famous Canadians Ian
famous covert agent
fan fatale
fancy ketchup Over 500
fantastic reality
farewell reception
fast food
fast food restaurant Best List
fast idle
fast turtle
fast waiter Focusing on Words
fast, cheap, and good
Fat Boy Slim
Fatal Cure book by Robin Cook Cobalt Shiva
fatally injured
fatally wounded
fat-free margarine
fault tollerant systems
fearful bravery William Shakespeare Focusing on Words
Federal budget
fellow women Best List
female logic
female qualifies for ironman triathlon Air Force News Service headline, 6/28/98 Oxymoron of the Day
fiend angelical Juliet
fighting for peace
filing system
filled with omissions
film critic #46 on Son of 50
final draft
Final Fantasy VIII Game
final preliminary results CNN report on Russian elections, 1996 Cobalt Shiva
final version
finally again Focusing on Words
finally begun Canonical
financial security
fine cigar LeighWorld
fire boat Rosenberger
firm maybe
first among equals originally applied to the Pope in the Latin Christian Church Cobalt Shiva
first annual
first class mail Ian
first conclusions Focusing on Words
first-strike defense
fish farm
flat busted
flat curve
Flatt's Hill Michael John Nesbitt
flexible ethics
flexible freeze Nixon-era economics
flexible schedule Rosenberger
flexible standards
flood control Best List
floppy disk Focusing on Words
flying fish
following preview Best List
foolproof instructions #16 on Son of 50
football scholarship
forced to cooperate Cobalt Shiva
Foreign Domestics Program Canadian government agecy regulating the use of foreign nannies) Focusing on Words
foreign national Ethan
foreseeable future Opus
foreshadow Cobalt Shiva
forever now Oxymoron Central
forgotten memories
Fork Union Town
forward lateral
found missing #49 on Top 50
four corners of the globe
Fox Family Channel
Fox News
foxy chick
Franco American
free agent
free coupons Canonical
free election
free elections in Haiti Millard Forum
free electron laser
free form
free gift
free love
free market
free memory
free press
free prisoner Focusing on Words
free rent
free society
free trade Canonical
Free Will Baptists Main Event
free with purchase
freeze dried Rosenberger
freezer burn #28 on Son of 50
French Canadian
French culture
French deodorant
French hospitality
French Resistance
fresh cheese Best List
fresh dried fruit Best List
fresh frozen #19 on Son of 50
fresh mold Cobalt Shiva
fresh sour cream Amazing
fresh yogurt
fried ice cream Canonical
fried roast Focusing on Words
friend of the court
friendly advice
friendly argument
friendly competitor
friendly divorce Best List
friendly enemy
friendly fire #5 on Son of 50
friendly takeover
front end
Frugal Gourmet
full half-hour TV promo Ian
full price discount
full service
full-length bikini
full-time day care
full-time hobby
fun run
functional illiterate Focusing on Words
functional manager
funky white guy
funny clean joke
future history Focusing on Words
future memories Shooter
future nostalgia Rosenberger
future of martyrdom Gerry Reid
fuzzy logic
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gain reduction
Galloping Gourmet
garden of wildflowers Miracle Grow TV Commercial Cobalt Shiva
gay marriage
gentle beast
gentle laxative Canonical
gentleman bandit
gentlemen's agreement Best List
genuine copy
genuine fake
genuine imitation #46 on Top 50
genuine imitation naugahyde The Oxymorons
genuine reproduction
genuine veneer
German cuisine #37 on Son of 50
giant bonsai Oxymoron Central
girly man
glasses for the blind Michael John Nesbitt
global village
go ahead, back up
goddamn Generation Terrorists
going nowhere fast
gold silverware Unbiased
golf fashion #43 on Son of 50
good boy
good clean fun
good fight Contest
good grief #44 on Top 50
good job
good kid Best List
good loser New Paradigm
good sh*t
gourmet cat food Best List
gourmet hamburger Focusing on Words
gourmet pizza
goverment organization
government aid
government assistance #49 on Son of 50
government integrity
government intelligence
government organization #41 on Top 50
government secret Opus
government service Shooter
government worker
governmental efficiency
graduate student
grand theft Best List
Grape Nuts Focusing on Words
graphic language Focusing on Words
Grateful Dead
Great Britain
great depression
great famine Richard Rew
great gossip
great regular flavor
great tragedy Rosenberger
greatest weakness Gerry Reid
greatly reduced
green blackberries
green blackboard
green consumerism
green orange
grotesque beauty Focusing on Words
ground floor Unbiased
group of individuals
growing small
growth recession Bush Administration term
guaranteed possibility Memoware
guest host
gun safety
gunboat diplomacy
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