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OneSwellFoop presents
OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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daily special Best List
damn with faint praise Alexander Pope Richard Lederer
damned good Fun_People
dangerously safe
dark star
darkness visible John Milton Richard Lederer
data base consistency
Dead Man Walking Movie title
dead right Best List
deafening silence
dear occupant
death benefits
debugged program
debutante ball
decaffeinated espresso Unbiased
decent lawyer
deep down, he's shallow Ronald Reagan characterization of a Democrat. Cobalt Shiva
deeper high
deeply superficial Andy warhol, describing himself
defense industry Favorite
defensive tackle Best List
defensive weapon Favorite
deficit spending #14 on Son of 50
definite maybe #9 on Top 50
definite possibility idbits
definite probability
degradable plastic
deliberate mistake
deliberate speed
deliberately thoughtless
delicious meatloaf Shooter
delicious torment Focusing on Words
demanding patient Focusing on Words
demilitarized zone Opus
Democratic Congress
Democratic leadership
democratic machine The Oxymorons
Democratic Republic Rosenberger
Department of the Interior
designer jeans
designer water
desktop publishing
detailed summary Generation Terrorists
devilishly good
devout Atheist
dick head Rosenberger
diet ice cream #6 on Top 50
dim light Oxymoron Central
diminished confidence Focusing on Words
dining hall food
direct circumvention Focusing on Words
disaster relief Rosenberger
disco music
discovered missing
disgustingly good Unbiased
disposable income
distant relative
distinctly remember forgetting Clara Barton
distributed center MITRE PRISM document, October 1993 Cobalt Shiva
divorce court
Doctor of Nursing Michael John Nesbitt
Dodge Ram
dollar value Focusing on Words
domestic bliss
domestic tranquillity
domestic violence Ethan
Donner party Best List
dorm food
DOS operating system
DOS window
dotted line
double solitaire
dove-feather'd raven Juliet
down elevator
down escalator
downtown expressway
drag race
drastic improvement
dress pants
dress shirt Rosenberger
dress shoes Cave
drink sensibly
drip dry Unbiased
drive-thru window
driving pleasure
drug culture
dry beer
dry creek Best List
dry ice
dry lake
dry martini Best List
Dry River name of actual river (with water) near New Hampshire's Crawford Notch Cobalt Shiva
dry wine
dull knife
dull point Nathan's World
dull roar #21 on Son of 50
dull shine
duplicate original
dwarf mammoths Rosenberger
dynamic equilibrium Shooter
dynamic stability
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Earth Angel Best List
easy credit
easy labor Best List
easy payments
easy to assemble Unbiased
Easy to Be Hard
easy-open package
economic reform
economic stability Focusing on Words
editorial initiative Jim Green, Publisher, Addison-Wesley Shooter
educated guess Focusing on Words
educational television
effective compassion
effective management
electronic music
electroshock therapy
elementary calculus
elevated subway
eloquent silence
emergency maintenance Opus
employee benefits
employee owners
English cuisine
English syntax
enlightened despot historical term Amazing
enquiring minds
entire portion
environmentalist bumper sticker
environmentally sensitive development Best List
equal housing Best List
equal justice Best List
equal opportunity
equally unfair to everyone George Feinberg Cobalt Shiva
ergonomic keyboard
erroneous correction
escaped prisoner Generation Terrorists
eschew obfuscation
essential service
essential trivia
essentially irrellevant Dr. Kaltofen
essentially useless Opus
eternal life
ethical attack Rosenberger
ethical hackers Focusing on Words
ethnic cleansing Focusing on Words
European Community
evaporated milk
even odds
Ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
ever-increasing downsizing
Everybody sing the solo! unnamed choir director Oxymoron of the Day
everybody's unique Cobalt Shiva
evolutionary fact
exact approximation
exact estimate #3 on Top 50
exact replica
excess profit
executive assistant Ethan
executive decision
executive secretary
exercise junkie Michael John Nesbitt
exit interview
expected surprise Focusing on Words
expert amateur Best List
explicitly ambiguous Focusing on Words
express bus
express line
express mail
expressive silence
exquisite pain
extensive briefing
extinct life #17 on Top 50
extra time
extra virgin olive oil Shooter
extreme moderation
extremely average Focusing on Words
extremely limited Fun_People
extremely neutral Focusing on Words
Exxon cleanup #11 on Son of 50
Eyes Wide Shut Movie title
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