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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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Cable and Wireless
cable modem Shooter
cafeteria food
calculated risk Gerry Reid
California champagne Best List
California culture
California expressway
calm wind
camelhair brush Oxymoron Central
camping resort Best List
campus safety Shooter
Canadian culture
Canadian dollar New Paradigm
Canadian identity Canonical
cardinal sin
career in music
casual chic Focusing on Words
casual intimacy
casual sex
casually elegant
cautiously optimistic Rosenberger
cel phone wiretap
centered around
Central Intelligence Agency
centrally-planned economy
certainly unsure
changing status quo Yorksite
chaos theory
chaotic organization
cheerful pessimist
cheerleading scholarship
Cherokee Pioneer car model
cherry tart
cherry tomato
childproof #25 on Top 50
children's encyclopedia
chilling Fever
chills and fever
Christian education
Christian Militia
Christian nation Canonical
Christian Science Monitor Employee Health Coverage Millard Forum
Christian Scientists #22 on Top 50
Christian Soldiers
Church of Scientology
citizen soldier Rosenberger
city planning
city worker
civil disobedience
civil engineer
civil libertarian
civil litigation Cardigan
civil servant
civil service
civil strife Focusing on Words
civil war
civilized divorce
civilized warfare Focusing on Words
classic new homes Focusing on Words
classic rock & roll
classical novel
classy whore Oxymoron of the Day
clean coal #6 on Son of 50
clean dirt
clean hack
clean kill
clean oil Best List
clear as mud
clearly ambiguous
clearly confused
clearly confusing
clearly misunderstood #19 on Top 50
clearly obscure
clearly vague Canonical
clever fool
climb down Canonical
climb under idbits
Clinton ethics
Clinton leadership
close distance Contest
closed space
closet claustrophobic
closet exhibitionist Comedy Network
clouded reflection Canonical
CNN Style
coal mine safety
Coca-Cola Foods
co-ed fraternity
co-ed sorority
cold as hell
cold comfort
cold hotdog
cold sweat
cold toast Focusing on Words
collective "I" Rosenberger
collective liberty
college algebra
college education
college student
colored music
colored transparency Cobalt Shiva
combined divisions
come on, let's go
comfortably dressed
commercial art
committee decision
committee schedule
common courtesy #17 on Son of 50
common difference
common phenomenon
common sense
Commonwealth Canonical
Communist Party
comparatively unique Focusing on Words
compare and contrast New Paradigm
compassionate conservative - George W. Bush
compassionate management #10 on Son of 50
compellingly liberating. Generation Terrorists
competing Standards
completed research Focusing on Words
completed website Focusing on Words
completely partial Rosenberger
completely unfinished
comprehensive medical benefits Canonical
compulsory volunteer
computer animation
computer jock #15 on Top 50
computer science
computer security #12 on Top 50
conciliation court
concise dictionary
concrete lawn art Oxymoron Central
concrete pad
conditional surrender Rosenberger
confidently scared Tom Landry Richard Lederer
confirmed rumor Rosenberger
Congressional accountability Focusing on Words
Congressional action
Congressional ethics
Congressional hearing
Congressional initiative
Congressional oversight
conscripted volunteer Focusing on Words
consensual rape
conservative activist Best List
Conservative Democrat
conservative intellectual Best List
Conservative Party
conservative revolution Cobalt Shiva
consistent discrepancies Focusing on Words
consistently arbitrary Rosenberger
consistently erratic
consistently inconsistent
conspicuous absence
constant change
constant variable
constitutional monarchy Rosenberger
construction worker
constructive attitude
constructive criticism
contemporary classic Oxymoron of the Day
contemporary history
continuous break Gerry Reid
continuously varying scientific term regarding wave structure Amazing
Contra aid Focusing on Words
control freak
controlled blast Gerry Reid
controlled burn Gerry Reid
controlled chaos
controlled enthusiasm Focusing on Words
controlled skid Focusing on Words
controlled-market economy Focusing on Words
convenience store
conventional wisdom
convienience store
cooking glue.
cooperative multitasking
corporate conscience
corporate culture
corporate family Focusing on Words
corporate planning
correctional institution Best List
cost effective
cost efficient
cost savings
countertrends New Paradigm
country club prison Unbiased
Country music #1 on Son of 50
country style
courtesy towing
covert assault Shooter
cowardly lion
crash landing
cream soda Rosenberger
creation science
creative accounting Memoware
creative destruction
creative plagarism Memoware
crime of passion Gerry Reid
criminal justice
criminal law Michael John Nesbitt
criminal lawyer
crisis management
critically acclaimed
cruel kindness
Cruel to Be Kind
cultural diversity Canonical
current History
curved line
customer satisfaction
customer service
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