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OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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100th anniversary premiere Oldsmobile TV commercial Oxymoron of the Day
10K fun run
12-ounce pound cake #7 on Top 50
6502-based computer
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above it all Canonical
absolute possibility
absolute uncertainty
AC/DC Unplugged
academic fraternity
academic sorority
acceptable losses Generation Terrorists
accident plan
accidentally on purpose
accordian music
accounting principles New Paradigm
accurate estimate Best List
accurate rumor
accurate stereotype Mode Magazine
achievable fantasies Cobalt Shiva
acoustic guitar amplifier Cave
acrylic glass Michael John Nesbitt
act naturally #50 on Top 50
action committee
action musical idbits
active reserves
active retirement
acute apathy
acute dullness
additional cuts
additional reductions
adult children
adult male
advanced BASIC #47 on Top 50
advanced beginner Best List
advanced cobol
advancing backward Cobalt Shiva
aerial dogfight Rosenberger
aerobic exercise
affirmative action
affordable housing
affordable luxury Unbiased
aggressive diplomacy Dayton Daily News Op-Ed Page 11/3/97 Oxymoron of the Day
aging yuppie
agnostic beliefs Sam Russell
agree To disagree
agroforestry Focusing on Words
air moisture Rosenberger
air traffic control New Paradigm
airline food #45 on Top 50
airline legroom Canonical
airline schedules Focusing on Words
airport security George Carlin "You're All Diseased", HBO
alcohol-free beer German: "alkoholfrei vollbier" <.3% alcohol Focusing on Words
all day briefing Cobalt Shiva
All generalizations are false... including this one
all the way through a portion Unbiased
All-American french fries idbits
almost always
almost certain
almost exactly #42 on Top 50
almost impossible
almost new
almost perfect
almost surprised Focusing on Words
almost totally
almost unique
alone in a crowd Mary Van Sell
alone together #39 on Top 50
alternative music Cave
aluminum angle iron Fun_People
aluminum windows New Paradigm
always different
amateur expert
American beer
American cheese
American chop suey
American education
American English
American geographers
American history
American Honda
American Indian Rosenberger
amicable divorce
Amish website
Amtrak schedule
anal retentive Rosenberger
anarchist community Mary Van Sell
Anarchy Rules!
Angel, the vampire
anonymous colleague Focusing on Words
another fine mess
anxious patient Focusing on Words
AOL help Millard Forum
AOL internet access
apathetic interest Focusing on Words
appeared invisible Canonical
Apple tech support
applied chaos
approximate solution Focusing on Words
approximately equal
Are you asleep? Unbiased
armchair athletes
arms limitations
army intelligence
army private
art student
artificial grass
artificial grass,
artificial intelligence #40 on Son of 50
As famous as the unknown soldier.
assembly language
assistant supervisor
assisted suicide
astrological forecast
athletic scholarship
attentive husband Best List
Aunt Jemima Light Focusing on Words
Australian spelling
authentic replica
authentic reproduction
autistic behavior
automated data processing
automotive engineer Shooter
average genius Memoware
awful good
awful pretty
awfully good
awfully nice
awfully pleased
awfully pretty
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baby grand
Back to the Future Movie title
back up Amazing
backseat driver Rosenberger
bad company
bad health
bad luck
bad sex
bad sport Ethan
baggage handling New Paradigm
Baked Alaska
balanced insanity Focusing on Words
balding hair
bankrupt millionaire
barely dressed
beaucractic efficiencies #30 on Son of 50
beautiful tyrant Juliet
beautifully repulsive magazine advertisement for an insect-repellent candle Oxymoron of the Day
beauty bark
bedroom community Rosenberger
beginning Finnish
beginning of the end
Belgian Industry LeighWorld
beneficial insect
benevolent despot
benevolent dictatorship
benign neglect
benign tumor Ethan
bent straight Main Event
Best Of Geraldo Unbiased
Best of Yoko Oxymoron Central
better than new
beyond infinity
Biblical scholar Shooter
big kid Over 500
big nothing
binging on moderation Focusing on Words
bipartisan cooperation Focusing on Words
birth control
birthday suit Focusing on Words
black gold
black light
Black Russian Ethan
blameless culprit
blindingly obvious Gerry Reid
blue rose
bone china Contest
boneless ribs
border control
boring orgasm
botched suicide Shooter
bottoms up
brand new antiques
brave politician
brave wimp
bricked-up window
bridegroom Nathan's World
brief list Gerry Reid
brief survey
brief wait Canonical
bright blonde Cool Site
bright night
brilliant darkness Memoware
brilliantly dull
British cuisine
British fashion #36 on Top 50
British humor
broad tip Unbiased
budget deficit
Buffalo Wings Ethan
bug fix #36 on Son of 50
bug-free code
build down
bumper sticker Cobalt Shiva
bureaucratic efficiency
business casual Best List
business ethics #33 on Top 50
butt heads
butthead #31 on Top 50
buy now and save
By definition, one divided by zero is undefined. Fun_People
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