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100th anniversary premiere Oldsmobile TV commercial Oxymoron of the Day
10K fun run
12-ounce pound cake #7 on Top 50
6502-based computer
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above it all Canonical
absolute possibility
absolute uncertainty
AC/DC Unplugged
academic fraternity
academic sorority
acceptable losses Generation Terrorists
accident plan
accidentally on purpose
accordian music
accounting principles New Paradigm
accurate estimate Best List
accurate rumor
accurate stereotype Mode Magazine
achievable fantasies Cobalt Shiva
acoustic guitar amplifier Cave
acrylic glass Michael John Nesbitt
act naturally #50 on Top 50
action committee
action musical idbits
active reserves
active retirement
acute apathy
acute dullness
additional cuts
additional reductions
adult children
adult male
advanced BASIC #47 on Top 50
advanced beginner Best List
advanced cobol
advancing backward Cobalt Shiva
aerial dogfight Rosenberger
aerobic exercise
affirmative action
affordable housing
affordable luxury Unbiased
aggressive diplomacy Dayton Daily News Op-Ed Page 11/3/97 Oxymoron of the Day
aging yuppie
agnostic beliefs Sam Russell
agree To disagree
agroforestry Focusing on Words
air moisture Rosenberger
air traffic control New Paradigm
airline food #45 on Top 50
airline legroom Canonical
airline schedules Focusing on Words
airport security George Carlin "You're All Diseased", HBO
alcohol-free beer German: "alkoholfrei vollbier" <.3% alcohol Focusing on Words
all day briefing Cobalt Shiva
All generalizations are false... including this one
all the way through a portion Unbiased
All-American french fries idbits
almost always
almost certain
almost exactly #42 on Top 50
almost impossible
almost new
almost perfect
almost surprised Focusing on Words
almost totally
almost unique
alone in a crowd Mary Van Sell
alone together #39 on Top 50
alternative music Cave
aluminum angle iron Fun_People
aluminum windows New Paradigm
always different
amateur expert
American beer
American cheese
American chop suey
American education
American English
American geographers
American history
American Honda
American Indian Rosenberger
amicable divorce
Amish website
Amtrak schedule
anal retentive Rosenberger
anarchist community Mary Van Sell
Anarchy Rules!
Angel, the vampire
anonymous colleague Focusing on Words
another fine mess
anxious patient Focusing on Words
AOL help Millard Forum
AOL internet access
apathetic interest Focusing on Words
appeared invisible Canonical
Apple tech support
applied chaos
approximate solution Focusing on Words
approximately equal
Are you asleep? Unbiased
armchair athletes
arms limitations
army intelligence
army private
art student
artificial grass
artificial grass,
artificial intelligence #40 on Son of 50
As famous as the unknown soldier.
assembly language
assistant supervisor
assisted suicide
astrological forecast
athletic scholarship
attentive husband Best List
Aunt Jemima Light Focusing on Words
Australian spelling
authentic replica
authentic reproduction
autistic behavior
automated data processing
automotive engineer Shooter
average genius Memoware
awful good
awful pretty
awfully good
awfully nice
awfully pleased
awfully pretty
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baby grand
Back to the Future Movie title
back up Amazing
backseat driver Rosenberger
bad company
bad health
bad luck
bad sex
bad sport Ethan
baggage handling New Paradigm
Baked Alaska
balanced insanity Focusing on Words
balding hair
bankrupt millionaire
barely dressed
beaucractic efficiencies #30 on Son of 50
beautiful tyrant Juliet
beautifully repulsive magazine advertisement for an insect-repellent candle Oxymoron of the Day
beauty bark
bedroom community Rosenberger
beginning Finnish
beginning of the end
Belgian Industry LeighWorld
beneficial insect
benevolent despot
benevolent dictatorship
benign neglect
benign tumor Ethan
bent straight Main Event
Best Of Geraldo Unbiased
Best of Yoko Oxymoron Central
better than new
beyond infinity
Biblical scholar Shooter
big kid Over 500
big nothing
binging on moderation Focusing on Words
bipartisan cooperation Focusing on Words
birth control
birthday suit Focusing on Words
black gold
black light
Black Russian Ethan
blameless culprit
blindingly obvious Gerry Reid
blue rose
bone china Contest
boneless ribs
border control
boring orgasm
botched suicide Shooter
bottoms up
brand new antiques
brave politician
brave wimp
bricked-up window
bridegroom Nathan's World
brief list Gerry Reid
brief survey
brief wait Canonical
bright blonde Cool Site
bright night
brilliant darkness Memoware
brilliantly dull
British cuisine
British fashion #36 on Top 50
British humor
broad tip Unbiased
budget deficit
Buffalo Wings Ethan
bug fix #36 on Son of 50
bug-free code
build down
bumper sticker Cobalt Shiva
bureaucratic efficiency
business casual Best List
business ethics #33 on Top 50
butt heads
butthead #31 on Top 50
buy now and save
By definition, one divided by zero is undefined. Fun_People
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Cable and Wireless
cable modem Shooter
cafeteria food
calculated risk Gerry Reid
California champagne Best List
California culture
California expressway
calm wind
camelhair brush Oxymoron Central
camping resort Best List
campus safety Shooter
Canadian culture
Canadian dollar New Paradigm
Canadian identity Canonical
cardinal sin
career in music
casual chic Focusing on Words
casual intimacy
casual sex
casually elegant
cautiously optimistic Rosenberger
cel phone wiretap
centered around
Central Intelligence Agency
centrally-planned economy
certainly unsure
changing status quo Yorksite
chaos theory
chaotic organization
cheerful pessimist
cheerleading scholarship
Cherokee Pioneer car model
cherry tart
cherry tomato
childproof #25 on Top 50
children's encyclopedia
chilling Fever
chills and fever
Christian education
Christian Militia
Christian nation Canonical
Christian Science Monitor Employee Health Coverage Millard Forum
Christian Scientists #22 on Top 50
Christian Soldiers
Church of Scientology
citizen soldier Rosenberger
city planning
city worker
civil disobedience
civil engineer
civil libertarian
civil litigation Cardigan
civil servant
civil service
civil strife Focusing on Words
civil war
civilized divorce
civilized warfare Focusing on Words
classic new homes Focusing on Words
classic rock & roll
classical novel
classy whore Oxymoron of the Day
clean coal #6 on Son of 50
clean dirt
clean hack
clean kill
clean oil Best List
clear as mud
clearly ambiguous
clearly confused
clearly confusing
clearly misunderstood #19 on Top 50
clearly obscure
clearly vague Canonical
clever fool
climb down Canonical
climb under idbits
Clinton ethics
Clinton leadership
close distance Contest
closed space
closet claustrophobic
closet exhibitionist Comedy Network
clouded reflection Canonical
CNN Style
coal mine safety
Coca-Cola Foods
co-ed fraternity
co-ed sorority
cold as hell
cold comfort
cold hotdog
cold sweat
cold toast Focusing on Words
collective "I" Rosenberger
collective liberty
college algebra
college education
college student
colored music
colored transparency Cobalt Shiva
combined divisions
come on, let's go
comfortably dressed
commercial art
committee decision
committee schedule
common courtesy #17 on Son of 50
common difference
common phenomenon
common sense
Commonwealth Canonical
Communist Party
comparatively unique Focusing on Words
compare and contrast New Paradigm
compassionate conservative - George W. Bush
compassionate management #10 on Son of 50
compellingly liberating. Generation Terrorists
competing Standards
completed research Focusing on Words
completed website Focusing on Words
completely partial Rosenberger
completely unfinished
comprehensive medical benefits Canonical
compulsory volunteer
computer animation
computer jock #15 on Top 50
computer science
computer security #12 on Top 50
conciliation court
concise dictionary
concrete lawn art Oxymoron Central
concrete pad
conditional surrender Rosenberger
confidently scared Tom Landry Richard Lederer
confirmed rumor Rosenberger
Congressional accountability Focusing on Words
Congressional action
Congressional ethics
Congressional hearing
Congressional initiative
Congressional oversight
conscripted volunteer Focusing on Words
consensual rape
conservative activist Best List
Conservative Democrat
conservative intellectual Best List
Conservative Party
conservative revolution Cobalt Shiva
consistent discrepancies Focusing on Words
consistently arbitrary Rosenberger
consistently erratic
consistently inconsistent
conspicuous absence
constant change
constant variable
constitutional monarchy Rosenberger
construction worker
constructive attitude
constructive criticism
contemporary classic Oxymoron of the Day
contemporary history
continuous break Gerry Reid
continuously varying scientific term regarding wave structure Amazing
Contra aid Focusing on Words
control freak
controlled blast Gerry Reid
controlled burn Gerry Reid
controlled chaos
controlled enthusiasm Focusing on Words
controlled skid Focusing on Words
controlled-market economy Focusing on Words
convenience store
conventional wisdom
convienience store
cooking glue.
cooperative multitasking
corporate conscience
corporate culture
corporate family Focusing on Words
corporate planning
correctional institution Best List
cost effective
cost efficient
cost savings
countertrends New Paradigm
country club prison Unbiased
Country music #1 on Son of 50
country style
courtesy towing
covert assault Shooter
cowardly lion
crash landing
cream soda Rosenberger
creation science
creative accounting Memoware
creative destruction
creative plagarism Memoware
crime of passion Gerry Reid
criminal justice
criminal law Michael John Nesbitt
criminal lawyer
crisis management
critically acclaimed
cruel kindness
Cruel to Be Kind
cultural diversity Canonical
current History
curved line
customer satisfaction
customer service
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daily special Best List
damn with faint praise Alexander Pope Richard Lederer
damned good Fun_People
dangerously safe
dark star
darkness visible John Milton Richard Lederer
data base consistency
Dead Man Walking Movie title
dead right Best List
deafening silence
dear occupant
death benefits
debugged program
debutante ball
decaffeinated espresso Unbiased
decent lawyer
deep down, he's shallow Ronald Reagan characterization of a Democrat. Cobalt Shiva
deeper high
deeply superficial Andy warhol, describing himself
defense industry Favorite
defensive tackle Best List
defensive weapon Favorite
deficit spending #14 on Son of 50
definite maybe #9 on Top 50
definite possibility idbits
definite probability
degradable plastic
deliberate mistake
deliberate speed
deliberately thoughtless
delicious meatloaf Shooter
delicious torment Focusing on Words
demanding patient Focusing on Words
demilitarized zone Opus
Democratic Congress
Democratic leadership
democratic machine The Oxymorons
Democratic Republic Rosenberger
Department of the Interior
designer jeans
designer water
desktop publishing
detailed summary Generation Terrorists
devilishly good
devout Atheist
dick head Rosenberger
diet ice cream #6 on Top 50
dim light Oxymoron Central
diminished confidence Focusing on Words
dining hall food
direct circumvention Focusing on Words
disaster relief Rosenberger
disco music
discovered missing
disgustingly good Unbiased
disposable income
distant relative
distinctly remember forgetting Clara Barton
distributed center MITRE PRISM document, October 1993 Cobalt Shiva
divorce court
Doctor of Nursing Michael John Nesbitt
Dodge Ram
dollar value Focusing on Words
domestic bliss
domestic tranquillity
domestic violence Ethan
Donner party Best List
dorm food
DOS operating system
DOS window
dotted line
double solitaire
dove-feather'd raven Juliet
down elevator
down escalator
downtown expressway
drag race
drastic improvement
dress pants
dress shirt Rosenberger
dress shoes Cave
drink sensibly
drip dry Unbiased
drive-thru window
driving pleasure
drug culture
dry beer
dry creek Best List
dry ice
dry lake
dry martini Best List
Dry River name of actual river (with water) near New Hampshire's Crawford Notch Cobalt Shiva
dry wine
dull knife
dull point Nathan's World
dull roar #21 on Son of 50
dull shine
duplicate original
dwarf mammoths Rosenberger
dynamic equilibrium Shooter
dynamic stability
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Earth Angel Best List
easy credit
easy labor Best List
easy payments
easy to assemble Unbiased
Easy to Be Hard
easy-open package
economic reform
economic stability Focusing on Words
editorial initiative Jim Green, Publisher, Addison-Wesley Shooter
educated guess Focusing on Words
educational television
effective compassion
effective management
electronic music
electroshock therapy
elementary calculus
elevated subway
eloquent silence
emergency maintenance Opus
employee benefits
employee owners
English cuisine
English syntax
enlightened despot historical term Amazing
enquiring minds
entire portion
environmentalist bumper sticker
environmentally sensitive development Best List
equal housing Best List
equal justice Best List
equal opportunity
equally unfair to everyone George Feinberg Cobalt Shiva
ergonomic keyboard
erroneous correction
escaped prisoner Generation Terrorists
eschew obfuscation
essential service
essential trivia
essentially irrellevant Dr. Kaltofen
essentially useless Opus
eternal life
ethical attack Rosenberger
ethical hackers Focusing on Words
ethnic cleansing Focusing on Words
European Community
evaporated milk
even odds
Ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
ever-increasing downsizing
Everybody sing the solo! unnamed choir director Oxymoron of the Day
everybody's unique Cobalt Shiva
evolutionary fact
exact approximation
exact estimate #3 on Top 50
exact replica
excess profit
executive assistant Ethan
executive decision
executive secretary
exercise junkie Michael John Nesbitt
exit interview
expected surprise Focusing on Words
expert amateur Best List
explicitly ambiguous Focusing on Words
express bus
express line
express mail
expressive silence
exquisite pain
extensive briefing
extinct life #17 on Top 50
extra time
extra virgin olive oil Shooter
extreme moderation
extremely average Focusing on Words
extremely limited Fun_People
extremely neutral Focusing on Words
Exxon cleanup #11 on Son of 50
Eyes Wide Shut Movie title
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factual Inaccuracies Unbiased
faculty cooperation Focusing on Words
fail safe
failing health Unbiased
fair lending Best List
fair reporting
fair trial
fairly explicit
fairly obvious
fairly tan
faithful husband Best List
fallout shelter
false evidence Rosenberger
false fact
false witness
falsely true Alfred Lord Tennyson Richard Lederer
family entertainment
family vacation
famous Canadians Ian
famous covert agent
fan fatale
fancy ketchup Over 500
fantastic reality
farewell reception
fast food
fast food restaurant Best List
fast idle
fast turtle
fast waiter Focusing on Words
fast, cheap, and good
Fat Boy Slim
Fatal Cure book by Robin Cook Cobalt Shiva
fatally injured
fatally wounded
fat-free margarine
fault tollerant systems
fearful bravery William Shakespeare Focusing on Words
Federal budget
fellow women Best List
female logic
female qualifies for ironman triathlon Air Force News Service headline, 6/28/98 Oxymoron of the Day
fiend angelical Juliet
fighting for peace
filing system
filled with omissions
film critic #46 on Son of 50
final draft
Final Fantasy VIII Game
final preliminary results CNN report on Russian elections, 1996 Cobalt Shiva
final version
finally again Focusing on Words
finally begun Canonical
financial security
fine cigar LeighWorld
fire boat Rosenberger
firm maybe
first among equals originally applied to the Pope in the Latin Christian Church Cobalt Shiva
first annual
first class mail Ian
first conclusions Focusing on Words
first-strike defense
fish farm
flat busted
flat curve
Flatt's Hill Michael John Nesbitt
flexible ethics
flexible freeze Nixon-era economics
flexible schedule Rosenberger
flexible standards
flood control Best List
floppy disk Focusing on Words
flying fish
following preview Best List
foolproof instructions #16 on Son of 50
football scholarship
forced to cooperate Cobalt Shiva
Foreign Domestics Program Canadian government agecy regulating the use of foreign nannies) Focusing on Words
foreign national Ethan
foreseeable future Opus
foreshadow Cobalt Shiva
forever now Oxymoron Central
forgotten memories
Fork Union Town
forward lateral
found missing #49 on Top 50
four corners of the globe
Fox Family Channel
Fox News
foxy chick
Franco American
free agent
free coupons Canonical
free election
free elections in Haiti Millard Forum
free electron laser
free form
free gift
free love
free market
free memory
free press
free prisoner Focusing on Words
free rent
free society
free trade Canonical
Free Will Baptists Main Event
free with purchase
freeze dried Rosenberger
freezer burn #28 on Son of 50
French Canadian
French culture
French deodorant
French hospitality
French Resistance
fresh cheese Best List
fresh dried fruit Best List
fresh frozen #19 on Son of 50
fresh mold Cobalt Shiva
fresh sour cream Amazing
fresh yogurt
fried ice cream Canonical
fried roast Focusing on Words
friend of the court
friendly advice
friendly argument
friendly competitor
friendly divorce Best List
friendly enemy
friendly fire #5 on Son of 50
friendly takeover
front end
Frugal Gourmet
full half-hour TV promo Ian
full price discount
full service
full-length bikini
full-time day care
full-time hobby
fun run
functional illiterate Focusing on Words
functional manager
funky white guy
funny clean joke
future history Focusing on Words
future memories Shooter
future nostalgia Rosenberger
future of martyrdom Gerry Reid
fuzzy logic
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gain reduction
Galloping Gourmet
garden of wildflowers Miracle Grow TV Commercial Cobalt Shiva
gay marriage
gentle beast
gentle laxative Canonical
gentleman bandit
gentlemen's agreement Best List
genuine copy
genuine fake
genuine imitation #46 on Top 50
genuine imitation naugahyde The Oxymorons
genuine reproduction
genuine veneer
German cuisine #37 on Son of 50
giant bonsai Oxymoron Central
girly man
glasses for the blind Michael John Nesbitt
global village
go ahead, back up
goddamn Generation Terrorists
going nowhere fast
gold silverware Unbiased
golf fashion #43 on Son of 50
good boy
good clean fun
good fight Contest
good grief #44 on Top 50
good job
good kid Best List
good loser New Paradigm
good sh*t
gourmet cat food Best List
gourmet hamburger Focusing on Words
gourmet pizza
goverment organization
government aid
government assistance #49 on Son of 50
government integrity
government intelligence
government organization #41 on Top 50
government secret Opus
government service Shooter
government worker
governmental efficiency
graduate student
grand theft Best List
Grape Nuts Focusing on Words
graphic language Focusing on Words
Grateful Dead
Great Britain
great depression
great famine Richard Rew
great gossip
great regular flavor
great tragedy Rosenberger
greatest weakness Gerry Reid
greatly reduced
green blackberries
green blackboard
green consumerism
green orange
grotesque beauty Focusing on Words
ground floor Unbiased
group of individuals
growing small
growth recession Bush Administration term
guaranteed possibility Memoware
guest host
gun safety
gunboat diplomacy
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Haitian former President-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier Ethan
half baked
half complete Canonical
half dead
half decent
half empty
half full #12 on Son of 50
Half Hour Comedy Hour ABC-TV show in '80s Oxymoron of the Day
half naked #29 on Son of 50
half true Focusing on Words
hand printed
hands-on consultant
hang glide Gerry Reid
happily married
happy birthday Generation Terrorists
happy Monday
hard curve Ethan
Hard Day's Night movie/song by the Beatles
hard disk
hard liquor Ethan
hard pillow
hard roll Ethan
hard softball
hard water
harmless abuse Focusing on Words
harmless pollution Focusing on Words
hassle-free insurance Yorksite
hasten slowly Focusing on Words
hateful good Geoffrey Chaucer Richard Lederer
hazardous waste disposal
head-butt Best List
headend Cobalt Shiva
health industry Rosenberger
healthy chocolate
healthy competition Cardigan
healthy cough
heat of the Cold War Cobalt Shiva
heavenly body Gerry Reid
heavenly wrath Rosenberger
heavy gas Ethan
heavy snow Contest
heights of depravity
helicopter flight
Hell's Angels
heroic failure Shooter
high in the low Oxymoron Central
higher education
highly depressed
highly undereducated Oxymoron of the Day
highly visible covert operation Focusing on Words
high-speed computer Ethan
hindsight Gerry Reid
history of the future Focusing on Words
holistic healing Ethan
Hollywood marriage Ray Yep
holy hell
holy land
Holy Roman Empire
holy sh*t
holy war #7 on Son of 50
home office
homeless households BBC News report 9/25/96 Cobalt Shiva
homeless shelter
homeopathic medicine Ethan
homo sapiens
honest crook
honest lawyer
honest politician
honest thief After Donald Trump's stretch limousine was stolen and found undamaged a few blocks away; he said, "Nothing was stolen. I had an honest thief." 3/2/92 Focusing on Words
Honorable Governor from Louisiana Millard Forum
honourable member term used in English-style parliaments Cool Site
honourable villain Juliet
hopeless romantic
hopelessly optimistic
horribly decent Focusing on Words
hospital food
hot chile
hot Chili
hot ice
hot water heater
hotbed of apathy Cobalt Shiva
House Ethics Committee
Howard Stern's Private Parts Book/Movie
huddled alone reference to Clinton, 12/20/98 Oxymoron of the Day
huge fraction Oxymoron Central
huge market niche
human compassion
human evolution
humane robotics Focusing on Words
humanitarian catastrophe NATO spokesman Oxymoron of the Day
humanitarian invasion
humble politician Canonical
Humble, Texas Town
hung jury Shooter
Hurts So Good Song by John Cougar/Mellencamp
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I don't want to belong to any club that will have me as a member. Groucho Marx
I have what I'm looking for Canonical
I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? Benjamin Disraeli
IBM compatible
ice water Ethan
Icy Hot
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
identical alternatives
idiot savant
idle gossip
If he were alive today, he'd turn over in his grave. Samuel Goldwyn
If you fall and break your legs, don't come running to me. Samuel Goldwyn
If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? Album by Mental as Anything
ill health
I'm not going to say, "I told you so."
immense void Rosenberger
implant removal
important game
important trivia
inactive volcano Rosenberger
Include me out. Samuel Goldwyn
incomplete cure Focusing on Words
increased shrinkage CNN weathercaster, Blizzard of 1996 Cobalt Shiva
increasing declines
increasingly few Opus
increasingly little Focusing on Words
increasingly lower Michael John Nesbitt
incredibly real Focusing on Words
incredibly true Fun_People
indecent exposure
in-depth overview Shooter
indirect communication Focusing on Words
individual solidarity Shooter
indoor bleachers Richard Lederer
industrial park
industry standard
inexpensive car
inexpensive medical care
infinite moment
inflatable dart board
initial conclusion
initial results
innocent bureaucratic blunder Clinton describing White House FBI files scandal Focusing on Words
innovative uniforms Canonical
inquiring minds Over 500
inside out
insincere thanks Focusing on Words
instant classic
instant folk hero Focusing on Words
institutional food
institutional revolution Unbiased
Institutional Revolutionary Party
intellectual liberal
intellectual property Shooter
intelligent fight Focusing on Words
intelligent lifeforms
intense apathy
intense disinterest Focusing on Words
internal exile Focusing on Words
Internal Revenue Service
internet privacy
internet security
Internet Service Provider New Paradigm
Interstate Highway in Hawaii
intimate strangers
investigative journalism Rosenberger
invisible ink
Iranian moderate
irate patient
Ironwood Town in Michigan
irrational logic
irregardless Over 500
Italian government
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job fulfillment
job opportunity
Job security #2 on Son of 50
John Birch Society Steve Kangas
Jolly Tax Payer pub in Vancouver Oxymoron Central
journalistic accuracy
journalistic integrity
jug wine LeighWorld
jumbo shrimp #31 on Son of 50
jump start #47 on Son of 50
junior senator Focusing on Words
junk bonds Focusing on Words
junk food
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you! Cool Site
justifiable homicide Richard Rew
justifiably paranoid
justified war Nathan's World
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Kentucky Fried Chicken
Keyboard Failure: Strike F1 to continue Cool Site
kickstand Richard Lederer
kitchen police Steve Kangas
knee-high panty hose Millard Forum
known secret Opus
known stranger Oxymoron Central
known-covert operation Focusing on Words
Kosher Christmas cookies
Kosher ham
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lace-up loafers
ladies' night
lady wrestler
lame effort Best List
land development Focusing on Words
large animals may be downsized Dayton Daily News headline, Nov. 3, 1997 Oxymoron of the Day
large minivan Nathan's World
large minority
larger half
Last Don II CBS TV movie, 6/3/98 Oxymoron of the Day
lasting aid Focusing on Words
law brief Focusing on Words
La-Z-Boy Office Furniture Mary Van Sell
lazy suzan
lead balloon
lean pork
learned instinct Opus
least favorite
Lebanese government
left-handed screwdrivers.
left-wing economist Opus
legal appeal
legal brief
legal ethics #33 on Son of 50
legal reasoning Gerry Reid
legally drunk #38 on Top 50
legislative intent Rosenberger
legitimate conspiracy Focusing on Words
leisure industry
leisure suit Best List
lend-lease Best List
less filling
less is more
lesser evil Focusing on Words
lethal assistance
liberal fundamentalists Focusing on Words
Liberal Party
liberal Republican
Liberal, Kansas
Libertarian organization Canonical
Libertarian Party Steve Kangas
lieutenant colonel Rosenberger
lieutenant general Rosenberger
life after death Dr. Dean
life insurance
light armor Focusing on Words
light dark beer Cave
light opera
light rock
light shadow Rosenberger
light-skinned black
likewise unique Canonical
limited empowerment New Paradigm
limited immunity
limited incursion Best List
limited lifetime guarantee
limited nuclear war Cardigan
limited success
limousine bus Best List
linear curve
liquid air
liquid crystal
liquid gas
liquid metal
liquid paper Shooter
liquid smoke Focusing on Words
little big
Little Big Horn
Little Big League Movie title Oxymoron Central
little bigger
little fat Canonical
little giant nickname of Lincoln-debator Stephen Douglas
little monster
little more
little pain never hurt anyone.
little pregnant Focusing on Words
literal interpretation
live on tape
live recording
living corpse BBC about Deng on his 91st birthday Cobalt Shiva
living dead #35 on Top 50
living death John Milton
living doll Contest
living end
living fossil Focusing on Words
living in Buffalo Canonical
local long distance Best List
local network
loners' club Cardigan
Long Island Expressway
long nap Contest
long recess Focusing on Words
long shorts
long sleeved t-shirt
long-lasting temporary relief Oxymoron Central
loose fit Focusing on Words
loose tights #24 on Son of 50
loosely packed
Los Angeles Winter Ian
loss leader Gerry Reid
loss prevention specialist Focusing on Words
lost cause
loud librarian
loud whisper
Love Hurts Song title Gerry Reid
love-hate relationship
love-sickness Contest
low priority New Paradigm
low speed chase TV coverage of the OJ Simpson saga Cobalt Shiva
lower inflation Focusing on Words
low-fat ice cream Focusing on Words
loyal opposition
lucky stiff Gerry Reid
Luddite website Millard Forum
lung fish Rosenberger
luxury apartment Best List
luxury bus
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macro-microorganism Focusing on Words
magic realism Cobalt Shiva
magnificent desolation Neil Armstrong on the moon
major general Rosenberger
major minor
major minority
male compassion
male intellect
male ladybug
mall food Oxymoron Central
man child Focusing on Words
managed competition
managed healthcare Canonical
management accomplishment Favorite
management action
management decision
management potential
management science
management style
management support
management systems Canonical
mandatory extra credit
mandatory option
mandatory volunteer
marijuana initiative
marital aids
marital bliss
marketing person
marketing strategy
marriage councellor #45 on Son of 50
married life
martial arts
martial law
Martian earthquake Oxymoron of the Day
mass customization
master copy Michael John Nesbitt
maternity fashion Best List
math teacher
mature adolescent
mature student
Maxi Thins
May I ask a question ?
McDonalds dinner
meaningful nonsense Focusing on Words
meaningful overnight relationship. Focusing on Words
meatless hamburger
meatless sausage Michael John Nesbitt
Medicaid payment
medical care Oxymoron Central
medical ethics
medical marijuana
medical science Favorite
Medicare benefits Shooter
medium large
medium well Focusing on Words
melancholy merriment Lord Byron Richard Lederer
melted ice Ethan
mental health
mental masturbation Oxymoron Central
mercy killing
merry widow
metal woods
meteoric rise Shooter
Mexican cuisine
micro-mainframe Focusing on Words
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Works #1 on Top 50
Middle East peace process
Mighty Mouse cartoon character
mighty weak Canonical
mild abrasive
mild cigar Focusing on Words
mild hot sauce Mary Van Sell
mild interest
mild jalapeno
mild mannered reporter
mildly psychotic Focusing on Words
militant pacifist Focusing on Words
military accountability Focusing on Words
military budget
military intelligence #30 on Top 50
military justice
military music New Paradigm
military peace
military system Focusing on Words
mind expanding drugs Best List
mini marathon Unbiased
mini-jumbo CD
minor catastrophe idbits
minor contradiction Shooter
minor crisis
minor disaster
minor emergency Sam Russell
minor importence Rosenberger
minor milestone Comedy Network
minor miracle
minor surgery
missing in action New Paradigm
mistakenly targeted
mixed blessing Rosenberger
mixed race
Mobil station
mobile home
model prisoner Unbiased
moderately uninhibited David Brinkley Cobalt Shiva
modern art
modern history
modern maturity Focusing on Words
modestly arrogant Focusing on Words
modified final judgement
monotheism is a gift from the gods Focusing on Words
Montana Freemen Focusing on Words
moral duty
Moral Majority #15 on Son of 50
morbid humor Focusing on Words
more equal Canonical
more unique Focusing on Words
mormon theology
most eminent mediocrity How Lenin described Stalin Oxymoron of the Day
most unheard-of thing I've ever heard of Will Rogers?
most unique
motorcycle safety Focusing on Words
mournful optimist
moving target
Mr. Turkey (brand) chicken breast Oxymoron of the Day
mud bath Best List
Music Television Rosenberger
musical comedy Best List
mute sound
mutual differences
mutual masturbation
mutual suspicion Rosenberger
mutually exclusive
My Favorite Mistake song by Cheryl Crow
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nameless celebrity Focusing on Words
natural additives
natural artifact Focusing on Words
natural blonde
natural body-building
natural childbirth
natural law
natural makeup
natural selection George Carlin "You're All Diseased", HBO
natural synthetic
naturally flavored
naval aviation
near distances Nathan's World
near miss #35 on Son of 50
nearby apartment
nearly done Rosenberger
nearly infinite
nearly perfect Rosenberger
neat mess Focusing on Words
neat office Focusing on Words
necessary evil
necessary luxury Cobalt Shiva
necessary meeting
needless requirement Rosenberger
negative feedback
negative growth
negative income
negative momentum Focusing on Words
negative reccommendation
neo retro Rosenberger
Neolithic (New Stone Age) Focusing on Words
net security #48 on Son of 50
network centered
network quality
neutral charge Ray Yep
neutral charge
never again
never generalize
never say never
new age
new and improved
new antiques
new classic #27 on Top 50
new cliche Focusing on Words
new Democrat
New Jersey, the Garden State Best List
New Mexico
new Olds Unbiased
new tradition
New Traditional Look
New York culture #28 on Top 50
Nicaraguan Freedom Fighter Cool Site
nice cat
nice guy
night light
Night of the Living Dead Movie title
Ninja Turtles Comic/cartoon character Best List
no-fault divorce
no-good do-godder!
noble savage
non-alcoholic beer
non-alcoholic wine
non-binding contract Unbiased
non-commercial sponsor Unbiased
non-dairy creamer
non-denominational church
non-fat cream Focusing on Words
non-fat ice cream Focusing on Words
non-partisan issue Opus
non-profit corporation
non-refundable deposit
non-stick glue
non-stop flight
non-working mother
normal deviation
normal experience New Paradigm
nostalgia ain't what it used to be
notably absent
nothing happens Oxymoron Central
now, then #24 on Top 50
Noyes Richard Lederer
nuclear defense
nuclear safety
nuclear strategy
numb feeling
nursing home
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obedient child Rosenberger
objective opinion
objective parent
objective rating Focusing on Words
obscene art
obvious secret
obviously hidden
obviously misunderstood Rosenberger
oddly appropriate
oddly familiar Gerry Reid
oddly normal Comedy Network
office park Cardigan
office suite Best List
old boy
Old New York
old news #27 on Son of 50
omnidirectional Cobalt Shiva
on-line newspaper
on-time airplane
on-time musical production
on-time train
one size fits all
one-man army
one-man band Richard Lederer
one-man crew
online affair Shooter
online help Yorksite
only choice
open circuit
open government Canonical
open lock Nathan's World
open loop
open sandwich Gerry Reid
open secret
open system Opus
operating system
Operation Rescue
operational leadership New Paradigm
optional regulations Rosenberger
oral contraception Rosenberger
orbit underground Oxymoron Central
orderly confusion Focusing on Words
organized anarchy
organized chaos
organized committee Focusing on Words
organized confusion Best List
organized mess
original copy #23 on Son of 50
original remake Sam Russell
original replica
original reprint
out at home
outside income Rosenberger
Outside Inn motel in Sierra Vista, AZ. Cobalt Shiva
Overeaters Anonymous Yorksite
overt deception Memoware
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Pacific Ocean
paid volunteer
painless dentistry
painless torture
paperless office
paraphrased quotation
parents without partners Focusing on Words
partial cease-fire
partial conclusion
partial consensus
partial monopoly
partial nudity Sam Russell
partial silence
partial success
partially blind Sam Russell
partially completed
partially finished Rosenberger
partially true Unbiased
partly pregnant
pass rusher Best List
passive activity Nathan's World
passive aggression #21 on Top 50
passive confrontation Focusing on Words
passive resistance Cave
passive restraint
past presents Canonical
patriotic militia Focusing on Words
peace benefits Focusing on Words
peace force #18 on Top 50
peace offensive
peace officer
peacekeeper missile
peacekeeping force
pedestrian traffic
People’s Democratic Republic
perfect fool
perfect idiot
perfect man Generation Terrorists
perfectly awful
permanent change Gerry Reid
permanent guest host triple oxymoron - Jay Leno's old job title Brandon
permanent temporary
personal ad Canonical
personal business Rosenberger
personal computer
personalized form letter Focusing on Words
pet fish Ethan
pet rock
petty officer Shooter
philosophical argument Rosenberger
philosophy science
photo journalism Rosenberger
pigeon's milk
plain chocolate
Planned Parenthood Shooter
planned serendipity
planned spontaneity biographer of Ansel Adams
planning retreat Gerry Reid
plastic flowers
plastic glass
plastic glasses #14 on Top 50
plastic lemon
plastic silverware #20 on Son of 50
plastic straw
platonic affair
plausable denial
player coach
player piano
pleated Jeans Oxymoron Central
pocket calculator
police intelligence
police protection
Polish navy
polite cabbie
political courage New Paradigm
political ethics
political integrity
political leadership
political promise
political reality
political science #11 on Top 50
political solutions Focusing on Words
political will
politically correct
politically incorrect
politically sensitive LeighWorld
poor finances
poor health Shooter
poor Republican
pop art
pop culture
popular culture
popular mechanics Best List
popular science
positive medical test
positive resistance Focusing on Words
positively negative Focusing on Words
postal service #32 on Son of 50
postal worker
post-modern #38 on Son of 50
pot luck
powdered water Focusing on Words
Power Macintosh
powered gliders Aviation Week Cobalt Shiva
practical experience
practical joke
practical logic
Practical Nurse Cave
practically useless
practicing atheist Rosenberger
precise estimate Cobalt Shiva
precision bombing
precision guesswork Cobalt Shiva
preemptive reaction Best List
preliminary conclusion Focusing on Words
premeditated spontaneity Best List
preposterous Richard Lederer
presently absent Nathan's World
preservational development Unbiased
presidential character Shooter
presidential promises
presitigious non-accedited universities
press enter to exit Shooter
press release
pretty bad Focusing on Words
pretty ugly #8 on Top 50
primitive culture Unbiased
private citizen
private e-mail
procedural variations Rosenberger
processed cheese food LeighWorld
pro-contra Focusing on Words
procrastinate now!
production meeting Best List
productivity committee
profanity sucks! Death Angels Nest
professional courtesy
professional jealousy Best List
professional wrestling #4 on Son of 50
profoundly shallow Generation Terrorists
progressing backward Focusing on Words
Progressive Conservative
progressive decay Rosenberger
pronounced silence
proposed standard
proprietary standard
protective custody
proud humility Edmund Spenser
proved inconclusive New Paradigm
psychiatric care
public affair Favorite
public awareness
public school education
public servant
public service Focusing on Words
public transportation Richard Rew
pure crap
pure fabrication Opus
pure garbage Unbiased
pure mixture Michael John Nesbitt
pure speculation Focusing on Words
pushes for pullback Headline, Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, 2/1/98 Oxymoron of the Day
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qualified success
quality assurance
quality service
Quebec Intellectual
quick fix
quick reboot
quiet rage Opus
Quiet Riot
quiet storm Michael John Nesbitt
quite a few
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R & D
radical center the political stance of Bill Clinton & Tony Blair, according to Tony Blair Focusing on Words
radical chic radical conservative Rosenberger
Radio Pictures a.k.a. RKO Studios
random logic
random order
random thought patterns
randomly organized
rap artist
rap music #5 on Top 50
rap singer
rap song Shooter
rapid transit
rare steak
rarely done
rational integer Dr. Kaltofen
read-only memory
ready-to-eat frozen dinner Unbiased
Reagan Democrat
Reagan memoirs #8 on Son of 50
real fantasy
real imitation mayonnaise
real magic Focusing on Words
real margarine Opus
real nightmare Mary Van Sell
real numbers
real phony
real plastic snow
real polyester Focusing on Words
real potential
realistic schedule
really fake Shooter
realtime computing
reasonable attorney fees Best List
reasonable degree of certainty Generation Terrorists
reasonable demands
reasonable female
Rebel Without a Cause Movie title Focusing on Words
recent history
recently new
recessionary inflation Rosenberger
Recipient of New Hand Wants to Be a Footnote Dayton, Ohio, Daily News headline Oxymoron of the Day
reckless caution
record low high Cobalt Shiva
recorded live #22 on Son of 50
recorder music Canonical
re-create Focusing on Words
red and pink bluebonnets Texas Highways magazine Oxymoron of the Day
red Indians
red licorice Ethan
Reform party
refundable deposit Best List
regular special
rehabilitated criminal
related divisions
relative stranger Comedy Network
relative truth
relatively simple New Paradigm
religious education
religious fact
religious freedom Millard Forum
religious persecution Cool Site
religious right #39 on Son of 50
religious tolerance #2 on Top 50
remotely obvious Focusing on Words
renegade lawmakers from CNN during the battle in Moscow
representative democracy
Republican initiative
Republican party #34 on Son of 50
reputable salesman
required elective Focusing on Words
required option Rosenberger
resident alien #48 on Top 50
responsible committee
responsible gambling Dr. Dean
responsible teenager
restless sleep
restrained aggression Rosenberger
restrained grandparent
Resurrection Funeral Home Actual business name, Clinton Township Michigan Shooter
reverse engineering
revision 0 Cobalt Shiva
rich country, poor people reference to Japan Focusing on Words
riot control Rosenberger
rising decline Rosenberger
rising deficits
risk of certain death
river land Best List
river walk Shooter
Road Works Ahead Canonical
roaring silence Best List
rock garden
rock music
rock opera
rogue bureaucrats LA Daily News headline about school organization crisis
rogue cop
rolling stop Rosenberger
rough finish
rounded corners Cool Site
routine change Gerry Reid
routine emergency Rosenberger
routine surgery Best List
royal "We" Rosenberger
Rubber Biscuit Blues Brothers
rubber bones
rubber cement Unbiased
rubber chicken
rude welcome Michael John Nesbitt
rules of war
rush hour
Russian economy
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sad clown
safe and sane fireworks Best List
safe format Millard Forum
safe investment Best List
safe medication
safe sex
safety hazard
safety razor New Paradigm
safety strap (on skis)
sales & service Canonical
same difference #43 on Top 50
same-sex marriage
sanitary landfill #40 on Top 50
sanitary sewer
satisfied Democrat
saving price
savings & loan
scalding coolness Ernest Hemmingway
scented deodorant
scheduled play
scheduled spontaneity from a Franklin Time Management Class
school food
school vacation
science fiction
scientific belief
scientific creationism
scientific literature Opus
Scottish Danish actual pastry sold at 7-11
scripted spontaneity Focusing on Words
sea farming Focusing on Words
sea port Shooter
search party Best List
second best
Secret Service Canonical
secretarial science Focusing on Words
secure toe-hold Cobalt Shiva
secure UNIX
security risk Unbiased
sedate sex
selected volunteers
self-help group
self-service Best List
semi truck
semi-precious Focusing on Words
semi-private Focusing on Words
semi-professional Focusing on Words
semi-retired Focusing on Words
Senate Ethics Committee
Senate Intelligence Committee Focusing on Words
sense of Congress
sensible indulgence Kroger brand coffee creamer Oxymoron of the Day
sensible shoes
sensitive guy The Oxymorons
sensitive male
Sergeant Major Rosenberger
serious clown Ethan
serious comedy
serious fun
serious musician
serious player
seriously funny The Oxymorons
service station #18 on Son of 50
severely killed
sex education #44 on Son of 50
shagadelic virgin Main Event
shallow to the core Cobalt Shiva
shared monopoly Focusing on Words
ship cargo by plane triple oxymoron Amazing
shooting blanks Nathan's World
short distance
short length Unbiased
short pants
short survey
short tall tales
shout in a whisper
sick health
sickly sweet Memoware
sight unseen
silent alarm
silent fury
silent scream #37 on Top 50
silent testimony Focusing on Words
simple computers Focusing on Words
simple harmonic motion
simple interest loan
simple procedure Focusing on Words
simple technology
simple truth
simply pompous Cobalt Shiva
simply superb
single family Unbiased
single pair
singles group Unbiased
singular relationship
sit up Ethan
situational ethics Unbiased
slave owner Canonical
sleeper hit #42 on Son of 50
slight hernia Focusing on Words
slight impasse Rosenberger
slight surprise Focusing on Words
slightly killed
slightly pregnant
slightly used
slow children sign with picture of running child
slow death
slow down the speedup AP writer about rule change that would speed up NFL games for network television Oxymoron of the Day
slow rush Rosenberger
slow speed
slow-motion explosion Focusing on Words
slows quickly Canonical
small crowd #34 on Top 50
small fortune
small miracle
smaller half Focusing on Words
smart blonde
smart bomb
smart drugs
smartass Nathan's World
smokeless cigarette
smooth closing Best List
snow-white tan David Bowie's `Ziggy Stardust' Focusing on Words
so far out it's in
soaring down Focusing on Words
social disease
social outcast
social science
social security #13 on Son of 50
socialist market economy
Socialist Worker
sodium-free saltines
soft metal
soft rock #32 on Top 50
soft sell Comedy Network
software documentation #29 on Top 50
software engineer
software reliability
solemn celebration
solid glass
solid gold-plated Rosenberger
solid ground
solid rumor
solitary group Unbiased
solo concert Ethan
somewhat addicted
somewhat destroyed Focusing on Words
somewhat functional Focusing on Words
somewhat legal Focusing on Words
sophisticated New Yorker Focusing on Words
sophomore Latin for "wise" and "fool" Focusing on Words
Sounds of Silence song by Simon & Garfunkel
Southern Baptist Gay Support Group Millard Forum
Southern justice
sovereignty association Canonical
Soviet Union #3 on Son of 50
space walk Best List
Spam Lite Shooter
spare rib
spare time Nathan's World
spectator sport Best List
speed limit
sperm whale Cobalt Shiva
spirit of safety So Cal Gas Co brochure
splendidly dull Focusing on Words
spontaneous choreography Rosenberger
spontaneous demonstrations will be organized Orwell's "1984"
spontaneous plan New Paradigm
sport suspenders Ian
sport utility vehicle
sport wagon Canonical
sports hero Fun_People
sports sedan
squared circle
stand down
standard elective Cobalt Shiva
standard options
start over
state worker
static discharge
statistical certainty Gerry Reid
statistical fact
staying changed
steadfast flexibility
stealth bomber
steam grilled Rosenberger
steel wool
sterilized fertilizer
stifled creativity
still life
straight angle
straight dope
straight hook
straight laced Rosenberger
strangely familiar
strategic retreat
strategic withdrawal Focusing on Words
Strawberry Blond
street smart
striped paint.
strong decaf
structured BASIC Opus
structured free play Cobalt Shiva
structured programming with goto statements Book title
student athlete
student organization Canonical
student teacher
studied indifference Gerry Reid
stunted growth Gerry Reid
styrofoam peanut Unbiased
subjective data Focusing on Words
submissive dominance Rosenberger
suburban culture
successful suicide
successful war Gerry Reid
sugarless candy Focusing on Words
suicide victim Ethan
summer school
sun screen
sun shade
sun shower Oxymoron Central
Sunday afternoon edition of Hockey Night Ian
supporting documentation
supreme court
sure bet
Surgeon General Rosenberger
surrogate mother
sushi cookbook Cobalt Shiva
sustainable development Canonical
sustainable growth New Paradigm
sweet agony Ray Yep
sweet and sour
sweet onions Canonical
sweet pickle Focusing on Words
sweet sorrow Shakespeare #26 on Top 50
Sweet Tarts
swiss steak
synthetic natural gas #23 on Top 50
systematic variance Focusing on Words
systems management Brandon
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tabloid style
tactfully blunt Yorksite
take-out restaurant
taking moderation to extreme
talk show Focusing on Words
talk show moderator
tame cat
taped live #20 on Top 50
tax credit Steve Kangas
tax relief
tax return
tax-free Focusing on Words
teacher union Focusing on Words
team boss Best List
team solitaire Oxymoron of the Day
Tears of a Clown Song by Smokey & the Miracles
tears of joy
technical support Death Angels Nest
teenage logic Best List
television personality Shooter
temporary tax
temporary tax increase #16 on Top 50
tense calm
tentative conclusion Focusing on Words
tentative deadline Opus
terminal initiation
terribly enjoyable
terribly funny
terribly nice
terribly pleased #13 on Top 50
Texas chic Focusing on Words
Thank God I'm an atheist.
thick film
Third Twin CBS-TV movie, 11/9/97 Oxymoron of the Day
This page intentionally left blank
three originals Focusing on Words
thunderous silence
Thursday edition of Monday Night Football Ian
tidy mess Rosenberger
Tiger Woods Irons
tight slacks #10 on Top 50
timely and economical revisions
timeshare investment Best List
toll free
tom girl Oxymoron Central
tomorrow today Focusing on Words
tone color
top floor
Total Quality Management (TQM)
totally partial
touch of diahrea Canonical
tough love
traditionally radical Focusing on Words
traffic flow
tragic comedy
train schedule
trained cat
transparent mask Oxymoron of the Day
traumatic bonding Focusing on Words
tremendously small
trial seperation
triumph without victory Headline in U.S. News & World Report, 1992 Focusing on Words
tropical depression Canonical
trouble in paradise
troubled paradise
true faith Cobalt Shiva
true fallacy from a beginner's textbook on logic Oxymoron of the Day
true gossip
true illusion Women's makeup products from Maybelline
True Lies Movie title
true replica
true story
truly false Memoware
trust fund Shooter
truth in advertising
truth in lending Best List
truthful tabloids #9 on Son of 50
turbo diesel
turkey ham
turned up missing
typically unique Rosenberger
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ugly model Oxymoron Central
UN designated safe haven Focusing on Words
unacceptable solution
unbaised research Comedy Network
unbiased journalism
unbiased news report
unbiased opinion
unbiased poll
unbiased predisposition
unbiased reporting Opus
uncommitted voter Unbiased
uncommonly common Focusing on Words
uncommonly normal Best List
uncommonly typical New Paradigm
uncomplicated heart attack Frank Sinatra's doctor Oxymoron of the Day
unconditional love Shooter
uncontested divorce
uncrowned king
understanding banker
understanding editors Focusing on Words
Understanding UNIX book title
unfortunate privilege Michael John Nesbitt
unhappily married
uninvited guest
union craftsman Canonical
union workers
unique standard Rosenberger
Unitarian Church
United Nations
United States
university funding Focusing on Words
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Unix performance
Unix prompt
Unix security
unknown identity
unlimited boundaries Gerry Reid
unofficial record
unofficially approved Rosenberger
unsalted saltines
unspoken suggestion Focusing on Words
unsung hero
unusual routine
unwilling accomplice Rosenberger
unwitting accomplice Rosenberger
up to 50% and more Canonical
upper low Best List
upside down
urban planning
Utah Jazz NBA
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vacant dwelling
vacant lot
vacation Bible school
vacuum filled
vaguely aware
valid superstition Ian
vanilla fudge
vast treasury of pure junk Oxymoron of the Day
vegetable beef soup
vegetarian hamburger
vegetarian meatballs
vegetarian pizza Cave
vegetarian worchestershire sauce Cave
Ventura Freeway
very unique
victimless crime
vigorously ignoring Clinton about the '96 Republican Convention Focusing on Words
violent agreement
virgin acrylic
virgin birth
virgin mother Rosenberger
virgin wool Focusing on Words
virtual reality
virtually scratch resistant Best List
voice mail
Voluntary compliance
voluntary taxes
volunteer work Gerry Reid
voting power
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waiting patiently
Wall Street Rosenberger
war games
war hero
waste management Focusing on Words
We are not anticipating any emergencies.
We must believe in free will. We have no choice. Isaac B. Singer
weak support Michael John Nesbitt
wedded bliss
Welcome Tax Canonical
Welcome to New York
well-behaved children
well-known secret
well-preserved ruins
western civilization
wet snow
Where the Truth Lies TV movie on Lifetime channel
whisper chipper Cool Site
white chocolate #26 on Son of 50
white gold
white lie Ethan
white rose
white shadow Michael John Nesbitt
whole fractions
whole half
whole hemisphere Focusing on Words
whole part Focusing on Words
whole piece
Whopper Junior
wild boar Gerry Reid
wilderness management
Windows accelerator
Windows NT (NT stands for New Technology)
winning roulette
wireless cable
wireless tether (for cruise missiles) Cobalt Shiva
wise ass
wise man Ray Yep
withheld contribution
wolve-ravening lamb Juliet
woman's logic Best List
women's rights
Wonder Bread
wooden nickel Canonical
woods metal
Word Perfect #41 on Son of 50
wordless book
work party Rosenberger
workable heath plan Cave
working breakfast Focusing on Words
working committee Brandon
working education Yorksite
working hobby Focusing on Words
working holiday
working lunch
working vacation #4 on Top 50, #25 on Son of 50
worldly Americans Canonical
world's largest miniature golf course Cobalt Shiva
write-only file Opus
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yellow rose
yellow violet Unbiased
You can't get there from here Shooter
you love to hate Cobalt Shiva
You never know, you know? Fun_People
young Floridian
young Republican
You're on my list of people that will never be on any list of mine! Fun_People
yummy sushi
yummy yogurt Canonical
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zero defects
zero deficit
zero population growth Steve Kangas
zipped open
©1999 by Wendell Wittler, all rights and several lefts reserved.