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OneSwellFoop presents
OXY2K: The official unauthorized millenium oxymoron list
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Welcome to a world where disobedience is always civil
the fire is always friendly,
the odds are even
and even the grief is good.

Here you can always act naturally,
be alone together
and enjoy your death benefits.

Here, all the shrimp are jumbo
(and always fresh frozen),
every donut is a Krispy Kreme,
every hamburger a Whopper Junior,
and it's all so wholesome.

If your truck is a Dodge Ram,
your CD a mini-jumbo
and your software is Microsoft Works, then this is your home.

Of course, all generalizations are false (including this one).

This list contains MORE than 2000 oxymorons:
Some are literal contradictions, others are subtle ironies;
some are obvious inconsistancies, others are a matter of opinion.

If you have any comments about what's in the list, or suggestions for what SHOULD BE in the list, e-mail me at


Or, look at the list in convenient bite-sized 30 KB pieces:
A - BCD - EF - GH - I - JK - LM - NO - P - Q - RST - U - VW - X - Y - Z

And here's The Making of the OXY2K.

Coming soon: the Credits List, Oxymorons by Subject Matter, and other Mini-Lists.

©1999 by Wendell Wittler, all rights and several lefts reserved.