This is not just another website.

This is a demonstration of a new technology developed by a secret team of engineers, all formerly-digruntled employees of leading high-tech companies, to establish a previously-unheard-of human/machine interface - to download a person's thoughts and memories directly to the Internet.

The subject of this bold experiment is an adult white male with a well-above-average interest in language, trivia and popular culture, which makes his mental content more accessible to this developing technology than someone who actually has a life.

The output of this download has been processed using commercially-available database and web design software to make the output more coherent, and reviewed and edited to protect the subject's privacy and dignity as much as possible, but hey, we're on the frontiers of science here, so you know it's going to be messy.

This phase of the experiment is scheduled to run through the end of 1999, after which the subject's brain will be examined for damage, leakage and Y2K compliance, following which we plan a multi-billion-dollar IPO.

We, the developers, designers, programmers and peripheral geeks of this exciting new technology invite you to join us in exploring the brave new world of a silly old mind that we refer to (when we choose to refer to it at all) as...

OneSwellFoop TM (yeah, sure)