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Foop Disclosure
The 8-by-10 Glossary.
New Words and Phrases Ready to Become Next Year's Clichés
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BizzaroWorld A kindofa parallel universe that's kindofan opposite universe that's really more just kindof weird and stupid, like a bad episode of Sliders. Based on a Superman comic book that became a series of Saturday Night Live sketches, that unfortunately have nothing to do with , a comic strip that I consider the rightful successor to The Far Side, but without as many farm animals.
blist A web list, just like "blog" means web log, of course!
Borg Obvious Trek-inspired verb referring to corporate take-overs, mergers, absorptions or other assimilation.
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Camryn Mannheim
In honor of The Practice's Emmy-winner, the fat lady sings, i.e., it's over.
Charliebrill Euphemism for sh*t, in honor of his character on Slk Stalkings, Captain Lipschitz (replaced 10/14/99 by Chicagohope)
Chicagohope Euphemism for sh*t, for the first broadcast network TV show that was OK'd to use it in unbleeped dialogue (10/14/99)
Coward Stern Corrected name for the radio huckster whose obnoxiousness is too frequently mistaken for being controversial. Proof that you can't fool all of the people all of the time, but in radio, a 10-percent share will make you a legend.
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Delta Quadrant Blatantly pandering to Trekkies, a reference to the setting of Star Trek: Voyager, as a place that's too far away to actually go, but you still want to know exactly what's going on.
dot-gov Any REAL service provided by any governmental entity, most of which are available on the web.
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fonzurkel Any minor player who ends up stealing the show, in honor of two characters who did just that on TV sitcoms.
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gang-link The practice of attempting to turn every other word into a link somewhere, one of the trademarks of One Swell Foop.
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i-dition Admittingly, pandering to the trend of "I" prefixes for internet-related stuff, the on-line version of usually paper-based medium (newspaper, magazine, book, Charmin).
IPH Internet Public Humiliation
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last available straw Situation when one attempts to test the limits of something, but fails to reach the limit before runnning out of resources.
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McGuyver 5000 A computer constructed out of chewing gum, paper clips and duct tape that is the home compuyter of One Swell Foop, in honor of the TV character who probably could've put this together a lot better than I did.
Middlebrow Culturally positioned safely between the highbrow and the lowbrow, the intellectual and the dumb, the sophisticated and the tacky, the painfully hip and the merely painful.
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NachoDorito Like the snack chip, anything that's a little corny, a little cheesy, a little too greasy, and not enough spicy.
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ohboy Common non-profane expression specifically used to signify disorientation from the time-space continuum, as spoken by the main character in every episode of Quantum Leap.
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penicillin-ressitant-nostalgia Any sufficiently obnoxious memory (like the words to the Gilligan's Island theme) that resists all efforts to kill it.
Pod People
(from Planet Lycos)
An appropriately paranoid way of refering to Lycos' Free web hosting service, Tripod.
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Ruh roh Expression signifying the realization that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong, in the words of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon dog.
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Schusterbauer to quiety and politely inform a webmaster he has the internet equivalent of his fly open. In honor of the first reader of the Foop to notify me of a bad link (The Rona/Teller smeg-up)
SDR Acronym for "Secret Decoder Ring":, denoting an attempt to translate political, public relations, legaleze, technical, jargon or insider language into plain english.
SgtMunch Your basic resident paranoid conspiracy nut, exemplified by Richard Belzer's TV caharacter (who's been on every cop show on TV... can't you see the conspiracy in THAT?)
-slawski Suffix inspired by KCBS-TV's so-called consumer reporter Michael Boguslawski, known to the audience as "Bogey", as a whimsical device to change a simple name or word into something much more complicated and ominous ("Bogus-law-ski?" No wonder he changed it!)
smeg All-purpose euphamism for whatever Carlin Word you choose, introduced as a kind of futuristic profanity on the British sci-fi-sit-com "Red Dwarf"
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UGOTO Acronym for "Uncanny Grasp Of The Obvious":, from a quote by Howard Cosell about another sportscaster, a more literate-sounding alternative to "Well, Duh...".
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VSE Acronym for "Very Special Episode":, the TV promotional term usually applied to a sitcom that gets agonizingly serious for the purpose of dramatising a serious cause and usually killing off a minor character in the process. Also can stand for Viewer Suffering Event
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Web Time A 10X compressed version of real time. So, a "webdecade" is equal to one real year, a "webyear" is about 5 weeks and a "webmonth" is 3 days.
Webster In honor of the dwarf child TV star, Emmanuel Lewis, signifying a small-time Webmaster (like myself).
webthingy As descriptive an identification for OneSwellFoop as I can come up with.
Witless Self-derisive reference to my last name Wittler, based on the least offensive of the many names grade-school bullies gave me.

©1999 by Wendell Wittler , all rights and several lefts reserved.

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